2019-1998 Chinese Horoscope 2019 year of the dog

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2019-1998 Chinese Horoscope 2019 year of the dog. People born in 1998 are more ambitious, have a good mind, are good at practice than theory, convenient in an environment with many women.
The name of the career is easy to achieve, but there are also many changes.
The number has to rise and fall, change, from business, career to family. The most difficult thing is in mediation, the public is unsuccessful, the name is not good, the money is poor, the job is unsatisfactory, but it is always good to keep dreaming sometimes, far away from reality.
With many ups and downs, withdrawing the experience from life, the new logistics is eased. If you eat in a gentle, old age, you will enjoy many blessings.


jobs often get in trouble Be careful about money. It is easy to get a dispute or have something to be involved in, legal, lighter is also punished by the Police.
have the opportunity to fly and compete. If you go to school, you will also have high results. If you want to choose a school, your career will be good, but not easy.
business or study has many advantages. Even though there are difficulties, there are helpers to overcome. Life is full of material. If you go to work, your profits will increase. If you go to school, you also have good conditions to advance.

Money can be wasted, but Yunnan and Yunnan are very good, you have many opportunities to succeed in work or study and this year you have the opportunity to go as far as you want, but you need to be prevented. scandalous It can be said, this is a pretty good year for you.
Good academic work, everything looks good. Should keep the mind righteous, try to heal the evil and if you know how to do more good, life will be much better.
In terms of money, this year, the wealth is abundant but the youth cannot hold it
In general, this year is good, bad, life is going up in all aspects, but don’t be too proud, self-confident and prone to scandalous network and small people trying to fight

LOVE: good life, good love.


Relations with the outside should be careful. Do not over believe people that are deceived. Life has been difficult, the more costly the family has, the more uncertainty the family will have, burdening burdens for wives and children. You are strong in attitude, but weak in emotion. Must always care about family happiness, to the life of wife and children to avoid bad things.


Health has no significant illness, so be careful if you have to go far.


– Spring: January and 2: Everything is good. The name of the advancing fortune. Have the opportunity to buy cars and precious metals. March: Happy affection. Extra family of more people.
– Summer: April: Much luck. Have a good record. If you go to school, it will show up. May: There are many conditions for implementing intent. Be many fans. Accident room. June: Money is scattered, lost or deceived. The work has changed.
– Fall: July and 8: Toan charged with difficulties. Accident room. September: There is a dispute that makes it difficult for the job. Love is sad.
– Winter: October: Watch out for deception. Weak health. Depressed spirit. November:. Unfortunate, wasteful, sad. December: Have a chance to go away. Work changes.


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