Arhat Fruit Makes You Relaxed

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I like eating raw food, because raw food helps me have a lot of exciting experience, and I myself experience and feel it, not from books.

Sometimes, I prepare food in a short time, for form’s sake, there is something “wrong” in finished product, but interesting feedback.

Yesterday, I made smoothie including vegetable, dragon fruit, algae, coconut water, noni, grape, goji berry, etc. and add 01 MSM spoon. Yah, I put MSM a little much, so the smoothie is too bitter.


This morning, although I have no much time, I have made smoothie as yesterday. It is always that it will be bitter with more centella asiatica, less dragon fruit, pure cocoa and MSM in the same quantity. So. I add 01 sugar spoon of sugar from arhat fruit. Perfunctorily. When eating, it is bitter, sweet and fatty.

And I find that although the receipt is the same, today, I have a headache and tired, I feel more relaxed when eating smoothie.

Maybe because of the sugar from arhat fruit. The book says it is good for vitality. Ignore books, I recognize that I feel relaxed when eating it.  


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