Do Not Let The Desk Face The Window According To Feng Shui

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Let the desk face the window. Another school year is coming soon, parents are anxious to prepare their children for school. Parents probably want their children to study well, and exams are highly effective, so they always try to meet the best requirements for children.

In studying, desks are an indispensable item. But how do parents know how to set up a study table for proper feng shui, bring excitement to children? The following article will share with everyone some ways.

Decorate the study table with feng shui gas

According to feng shui, for children to study well, progress, when decorating the study table, you should choose the things that stimulate learning, promote the will and spirit of learning of children. These gases can be funny pictures, scientists’ pictures, wind bells, earth balls … from which children will always feel happy, excited to discover more learning.

Place small green trees on the study table

Space will be the best learning space for children. Therefore, when decorating the study table, you can put small green pots on the study table or place a big pot in the corner of the classroom. It will both help the fresh air and bring a sense of relaxation for children when learning tired.


Do not place the desk opposite the window and door

Feng shui experts said that when placing desks, homeowners should avoid placing opposite windows, doors because this position will facilitate bad air infiltration affecting children.

It will distract children because they always want to go out and play.

Do not set a table in the middle of the room

Placing the desk in the middle of the room is a taboo in feng shui, guys. Accordingly, the central position without fulcrum will make the spirit of children always insecure, lack of spirit from which learning deteriorates.

In addition to the central location, according to the feng shui original, you should not put the desk at the bottom of the crossbar, under the big light bulbs, under the air conditioner … it will lead to the child sitting under being tired and in pain. head, eye pain.

Here are some of our share on how to place your child’s desk according to feng shui that we find most effective in learning. Arranging things is also art you prefer to give yourself the best options to help your child have the best seat.

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