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[dragon fruit how to cut]Dragon fruit is a beautiful and nutritious fruit, often present in five fruits or banquets on special occasions. Please introduce to us the simple and beautiful ways to trim dragon fruits.


4 fruits dragon fruit. Dragon fruit should be washed and dried.

Method 1: cut the dragon fruit beautifully

A normal aroma, but the shell can be folded. This simple operation will make dragon fruit disc more fancy and attractive.

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Method 2: cut the dragon fruit neatly


Take advantage of the red crust of dragon fruit to create beautiful dotted layers on white background

First, you add double along with the dragon fruit, use the knife to move along the crust, not to cut too deep into the flesh of the dragon fruit.

Next, use a knife to remove the large shell, leaving 3 lines on the dragon fruit. Use a knife to cut dragon fruit into slices about 1cm thick, cross the dragon fruit.

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Method 3: Dragon fruit “ball”

Vertical dragon fruit in half.
Use a round spoon to scrape the round sticks like balls. Remove all the flesh, leaving the shell as a decorative bowl.
 Put dragon balls in the “half”. Lay it on the plate next to the pruned dragon fruit pieces.

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