Exotic fruit box GIFT, A simple, original and meaning gift

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For business gifts or special occasions : birthday, birth, family gathering or meetings. Nothing better than receiving a beautiful exotic fruit box to bring energy and good mood!

Exotic fruit box gifts are always a welcome surprise, which will be truly appreciated by the receivers. . . Fit to burst with every exotic fruit imaginable, you’re in for a splendid mix. Simply divine.

The exotic fruit box is the perfect way to taste the flavors of exotic fruits from around the world. Based on seasonal availability, this stunning assortment of exotic fruits may include:

– Passion Fruit

– Caribbean Sugar Apples

– Bahamian Soursop

– South African Lychees

– Asian Dragon Fruit

– Jamaican Soursop

– Sapodilla

– Rambutan

– Mangosteen

– West African Paw Paw (Papaya)

– South American Feijoa

– Durian

– Starfruit

Whether you’re seeking for a healthy addition to your breakfast, wanting to switch over to a better snacking option, or craving for a vitamin filled smoothy after your workout, this exotic fruit box is perfect for you. Its content change depends upon of your thoughts and it’s a surprise!

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