Feng shui wallet color for metal element 2020

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Feng shui wallet color for metal element do you know ? According to feng shui conception, color is one of the important factors contributing to balancing, supporting and regulating yin and yang elements. Therefore, when choosing a purse or valuable applications for your family, you need to consider their color problem to match your destiny. In the following article, we will help you choose the colors that match the destiny of metal.

Yellow: Yellow represents purity, clarity, and success. When we look at the yellow color, we often feel light and comfortable, our hearts are also relaxed and comfortable. For Westerners, yellow is considered the main color, bringing luck and happiness to the owner. According to feng shui houses, this is the most suitable color for the destiny of metal.


White: It can be said that white is a symbol of purity, simplicity, and clarity. All beginnings originate in white and, like the foundation of life, help people become more complete. This is considered a color of mutual support for the destiny of metal, bringing wealth to the owner.

Silver-gray: In feng shui, silver-gray is of great significance for those destined to metal because it is very good for (descendants). Delicate, profound, creative is the outstanding advantage of the people of metal and silver-gray to help them maximize their character.

The color is similar to the destiny of metal
Red, pink: These are two colors that represent Martian destiny so it is similar to those of metal destiny. Therefore you need to be careful when using items of this color.

If you are a metal destiny, you can see some suggestions for feng shui wallet in this article. Hope it will bring good results for you. Good luck for all.



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