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In meditation course, chef is taught that person who cooks a food with the spirit of peace, and then the one who enjoys that food is also at peace. The chef is cheerful, so, the person who enjoys the food has the same mood. At home, the chef also prepared foods for my parents with a relaxed and peaceful mentality.

However, sometimes there is disc break because the food of fermented spiny bitter gourd is delicious beyond expectation. So, the chef is beside myself with joy to cook and eager to look forward to my parents’ responses; nothing is equanimity and peace. But my mother likes it and feels it delicious because spiny bitter gourd is her favorite food


– Take broccoli and cut the broccoli, onions and coriander into small piece.


– Sauce: cashew kernels (unroasted), soaked in water for soft + lemonade of 1 lemon + 1 pinch of salt + 1 tablespoon of coconut oil + spiny bitter gourd + fermented spiny bitter gourd water. Grind

– When eating, let’s mix together, use a spoon to eat and chew.

P/S: Spiny bitter gourd is rich in vitamin A, good for all organs, especially strong bones and bright eyes.

The above dish is still very good without spiny bitter gourd, but it is more nutritious if it has spiny bitter gourd. For fermented spiny bitter gourd, the chef makes it in improvisation. It will be shared later, when the chef remembers the details.

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