How to eat clean for beginners to Start Clean Eating Today

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Some choose to define clean eating as plant-based, while others strictly recommend non-genetically modified. Some are restricted to gluten-free or paleo, while others cut out all sugar, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine. Common characteristics include avoiding processed foods with preservatives, focusing on homemade meals, and using whole ingredients.
Speaking of Eat Clean, it is indispensable to have these nuts and starches, what kind of seeds did our whole family eating ?

1, Chicken pea
beans Chicken peas are the largest beans in the world.
1 cup of beans contains 268 calories of chicken; 12.5 grams of fiber; 14.5 grams of protein; 4.2 g fat; 84% manganese; 71% folate; 29% copper; 28% phosphorus; Iron 26%; Zinc 17%.
Chicken beans are a good source of protein, fiber, iron, zinc, phosphorus, B vitamins and many other minerals. With lots of vitamins and nutrients on chickpeas, there are great health benefits:
-Help control blood sugar
-Rich in energy and help lose weight
-Improve digestion thanks to substance content High fiber
-Helps protect against heart disease and cancer
-Provides vitamins and minerals
-Rich in vegetable protein
2️ Raw


pasta “Is it fat to eat pasta?” is the question Emma received a lot from her sister in eating.
Spaghetti is one of the foods that contain a lot of starch. This will cause weight gain when we eat regularly for a long time.
However, if you choose the type of whole wheat spaghetti, it has that weight loss effect all over the house!
But nothing is absolute. Eating pasta with fat doesn’t depend much on time, each person’s diet!
Whole pasta has the advantage of containing essential vitamins and fiber. 3, 3, seeds

With ingredients rich in calcium and iron than rice, wheat or oats, which contain more protein and fiber than other grains, quinoa is considered a food that can help prevent diseases. cardiovascular, improve bone and teeth health
– Quinoa matchmaker contains high protein content, this is a complete protein, including essential amino acids, especially lysine, to help the body grow and Complete the tissue.
– Quinoa grains contain high manganese content that protects the body from oxidizing agents, preventing cancer cells as well as other pathogens.
-Using Yuyang seeds often has the effect of reducing migraine because it contains magnesium that relaxes blood vessels, reduces the pressure on the arterial walls, and reduces the risk of high blood pressure
– Grain Quinoa quinoa also good for cardiovascular health, helps reduce bad cholesterol and good cholesterol to the body
4, Brown rice

Is a common grain used in daily life, brown rice is known for its high content of fiber, protein … extremely rich B vitamins and iron and zinc minerals, copper … provides many health benefits for users:
-Supporting the nervous system
-Normalizing cholesterol levels
-Supporting weight loss
-Reducing cholesterol in the blood
-Ability to oxidize
-Rich in fiber
-Slow down the sugar
At present, oats are widely used in daily meals, because they contain carbohydrates, so consumers can replace starchy foods with benefits such as:
Preventing cardiovascular disease
✅ control blood sugar
✅ reduce cancer risk
✅ Lowers blood pressure
✅ Support weight loss
✅ enhance immunity
There are many good reasons to add nuts in our diet right! Add seeds to your family’s diet from today onwards!


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