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[just fruits and exotics]Here are the best fruits on the planet. Let’s discover how many fruits you have eaten!

Ackee fruit

A fruit originating from the tropical region of West Africa. The fruit will change color from green to orange when ripe and will split into 3 parts. Each fruit weighs about 100 – 200g.

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The fruit comes from Southeast Asia. The fruit belongs to the family Sapindaceae, the fruit has an outer coat. The fruit will turn from green to red when ripe, the fruit will taste sweet.


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Plinia Cauliflora

It is a fruit of the family of minnows, originating from Southeast Brazil. Plinia Cauliflora has a look similar to a grape, but thicker. The fruit when ripe will be purple, white meat, eat sweet, fragrant.


The fruit belongs to the family of mallow, which originates from Indonesia and Malaysia. The fruits are quite large in size, strong in smell, protected by sharp thorns. This type of fruit is quite typical, not everyone can eat it.


A fruit belonging to the family of oysters, originating in Indonesia. Fruit will turn from green to purple when ripe, white intestine divided into many zones, eat sweet and sweet taste, attractive fragrance.


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