Keep these things in your wallet or purse it makes you rich very fast on 1 day – Feng Shui Tips For You.

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[Keep these thing in your wallet or purse it makes you rich very fast on 1 day]The wallet is directly related to money, so if you want to attract a lot of wealth to you, you can apply some ancient art of feng shui to your wallet.

Keep your wallet neat

You should always keep your wallet in a clean and tidy condition so start removing all that is not needed from your wallet. The same procedure applies when you clean the house and the office. When you clean up an area, you eliminate the stagnant energy, expanding the area for new energy flows.

Keep your wallet properly

You must behave well with your wallet if you want to get the same response from you. Take a special place in your home for your wallet and place your wallet there whenever you come home, the wallet will notice your appreciation for it. Once you learn how to appreciate your wallet, it will tend to attract more money to you. Avoid throwing your wallet on the dining table or any position you find convenient.

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Feng shui colors for wallets

The color of the wallet has different feng shui meaning. Choose black and green if you want more money to come to you

Black (Water element): Black is a popular color and you are right to choose it. Black represents wealth and prosperity. If you are looking for career advancement or business development, choose a black wallet.

Blue (Water element): Symbolizes that money will flow like water so it is difficult to accumulate and be rich. This is a color that is not recommended when choosing a purse.

Red (Fire element): Red represents fire, so it is not a good color for the wallet because the fire will burn wealth and luck.

Brown (Earth element): If you want to increase your savings or if you have a habit of spending too much money, this color will help you know how to save more money.

Pink (Fire element): Pink is suitable for women who are looking for their other half as it promotes luck in love and relationships. If you’re just looking for wealth, don’t use this wallet.

Green (Wood element): Represent development and life. According to home feng shui, you add green to your home to increase the positive energy flow in your home space, similarly, a green wallet will help create income opportunities. It is particularly suitable if you are a business owner to welcome new business ideas and opportunities.

Yellow (Metal element): Light yellow usually attracts money. The gold wallet has very good cash flow but the flow of money is also much less. If you want to save money, choose dark yellow. If you want to increase money, choose bright yellow.

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Organize and rearrange wallet

You can tell if a person has money or not just by looking at how they keep money in their wallets. For those who respect and appreciate money, they will arrange the money and the necessary paper in a wallet neatly and carefully. In contrast, those who go bankrupt or are always short of money will leave their wallets unorganized and messy. Flatten and align card cards or important papers in a straight position before placing them in your wallet because they affect the energy relationship between you, wallet and money. Good to buy a wallet with many compartments to arrange money and separate papers to each compartment, to avoid unnecessary clutter.

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Choose purse shape

Avoid choosing wallets with unusual, weird shapes. It’s best to buy a wallet that is long and straight so you don’t have to fold the paper when you put it in. This helps increase the luck of your wallet owner

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