Lifestyle Condoms Target To Sensitive Consumers

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Lifestyle condoms target is rolling out its new nonlatex Skyn condom. Unlike its top competitor Trojan, LifeStyles is taking the direct approach in marketing this new product.

Its new campaign features a number of couples getting into the act. A sultry voiceover says: “Safe sex will never feel the same again . . . like nothing at all just skyn from Lifestyle condoms target.”

Safe sex will never feel the same again

“The Skyn revolution” ads will appear on national TV, radio and online, although the TV buys will be limited. Trojan proved just how difficult it was to land ads on network TV when it launched its humorous “Evolve” campaign in 2007. CBS and Fox banned the ads, which portrayed men who didn’t use condoms as pigs.


The LifeStyles ads will have less trouble online, where they will appear on and The campaign, which targets men 18-24, was created by the Amp Agency, a division of Alloy Media + Marketing.

The LifeStyles ads will have less trouble online

“‘The Skyn revolution’ campaign showcases our dedication to innovating both protection and pleasure,” said Carol Carrozza, vp, marketing at LifeStyles’ parent Ansell Healthcare Products, in a statement. “That’s why we used sensuality as a platform for conveying a safe sex message.”

The ad spend was not revealed. LifeStyles hasn’t been a big spender of late. Last year it spent $400,000 on media, excluding online, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.


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