Lucky colors to wear in 2019 – Feng Shui tips

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[Lucky colors to wear in 2019]Choose specific colors that match the current year to attract good luck trusted by many people around the world. Everything that contains energy (including color) is said to bring you luck and success …

Bright yellow

One of the lucky colors of 2019 is bright yellow. Although yellow is a scary color for many people because it is difficult to match and it cannot be worn by everyone. But you can add these lucky colors to everyday clothes.
Fresh yellow represents metal, and metal gives birth to Earth. This color may bring you luck, but only if you wear the right color. You should choose the bright yellow.

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Pink is a symbol of femininity, grace, and romance. Besides purple, this year’s 2019 trendy color is pink chalk. But we are still afraid and avoid wearing because pink is quite popular and looks very childish.
But keep in mind that you don’t need to wear pink clothes, you can use any accessories such as earrings, handkerchiefs, or even your everyday items.


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Red is the color that symbolizes fire and in the Five Elements, this is the Fire of the Earth. Unveil the single you should use this color in the Year of the Pig 2019 because it will look more attractive and help you more lucky in love.
Red is also a symbol of courage, intensity, personality, full of energy, extremely charming and extremely charming for the opposite sex!

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Orange is also a strong color like red, you should wear it on New Year’s Eve to bring more luck. It also symbolizes the Fire element (Earth-Fire). You can apply orange like peach, orange or orange.


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