Name a yellow fruit orange – Do you know!

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[name a yellow fruit orange]Everyone knows that oranges are delicious fruits and provide a rich amount of vitamin C that are trusted by housewives, however, oranges are a great medicine that you may not know.

AIDS digestion

Oranges are rich in fiber, have the effect of supporting digestion. This fruit also helps prevent stomach ulcers and acid reflux. So add an orange to your daily diet, especially if you’re having chronic constipation problems. Besides, the ingredients in orange fruit also help you prevent stomach problems.

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Increase power

Drinking orange juice with a little salt after exercising a lot of sweat is a way to regain strength quickly. Because the amount of fructose and 85% of the water contained in oranges will quickly be absorbed by the body, which helps to refresh and strengthen the body.

It should be noted that, immediately after squeezing or peeling, drink or eat immediately, avoiding the loss of vitamin C when reacting with oxygen outside the environment. Time after processing should not exceed 30 minutes.


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Help sleep well, chase mosquitoes

Even orange peels have valuable uses. Orange peel is dried, then put into an aromatic bag, hanging in the bedroom, kitchen or closet. This way not only stimulates you to sleep well but also works to repel mosquitoes, clean the air.

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Prevent cancer

Scientists have recently published the results of research on the anti-cancer effects of orange juice.It contains flavonoid substances like hesperidin and naringenin. Laboratory studies have shown that orange juice reduces childhood leukemia, as well as fighting breast, liver and colon cancer.


Scientists also said orange juice has anti-inflammatory properties. If you experience a lot of pain related to arthritis, orange juice can actually help reduce this condition.


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