North facing door feng shui – Tips for choosing your house

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[north facing door feng shui]Feng shui housing is most focused on the main door and its direction. If your home is big or small, in the central facade or in a small alley, it is necessary to pay attention to the most abstinent taboo things, especially the direction of the house, especially the door to the north, cannot be harassed.

The direction of sand in the feng shui housing

Because in the octahedron, following the standard of Eastern, there are three subjects of sand that are two odd four years . The first major subject is the direction of the North-East god – it is the venerable sand, which helps the cause, and the owner’s transport has rapid progress.

The second sand subject belongs to the main direction of gas production – the sand for the owner of the career, the finance goes up steadily. And the third sand subject is located in the North, ie opening the door is entering the air, helping the owner of the career, and the transport is stable and progressive.

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What disadvantage does the door to the north have?

In contrast to the above three good ways to be the main door in the house, the feng shui taboo said that the worst direction, absolutely not used to set the main door is the north direction of the negative position.


North is also called a mysterious direction, in feng shui houses, it is said that it carries the mind of defeat, is negative, does not bring good luck, it is also detrimental to the money as well as the health of the people in the house. Therefore, being a door to the north is the most difficult thing in feng shui housing.

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If your home is unlucky with a door to the north, then the way to resolve is before the door should display feng shui items to police , put a pot of green sand.

This layout can help promote talent and improve performance. In addition, you should also choose a red carpet, so that when you open the door, you will see pink, contributing to bringing happiness and luck to your family.

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Choose a home with a good direction according to feng shui housing

Select the house of the North Dynasty South, ie the house turned back to the north, and face to the south, it is considered as a great sandy house, not only good in feng shui houses but also suitable for the climate of USA.

In the summer, the Southern wind is cool and the sun is shining in the afternoon, and it helps to avoid the northeast monsoon. South-facing houses can catch natural light, and the air is also well-circulated, full of vitality.


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