Should you put Feng Shui mirror facing Window? – Feng Shui tips

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Feng shui is a vast field. It covers all issues in life in general and housing design in particular. Decide the direction of home, living room location and kitchen to see feng shui. Today, we will go together to find the answer to the question above the title: Should you put Feng Shui mirror facing Window?

How to put furniture in the house also needs Feng Shui. Feng shui is not really a superstition as people think. Feng shui simply understands everything in its place.

Should the mirror face the door?

Whether it’s the main door or the entrance to the dining room, the bedroom … the answer is always no. Feng shui from ancient metal has a unified conception – the entrance is where air and fortune go in. Whereas mirrors are a place to attract air (regardless of good or bad). Therefore, when leaving the mirror opposite the door everything will be sucked back out. In a way that is easier to understand, it will hold there, preventing it from entering. The consequence of this is that your business will not grow, even loss and bankruptcy.

Besides, placing the mirror opposite the door will create a door-to-door position (the rear door and the door in the mirror). This is a very bad position for the affection of family members. You can learn more about this door post through the bedroom warning message with 2 doors.

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Feng shui places the mirror opposite the entrance

You should neutralize bad feng shui immediately by removing the mirror and placing it in places with better feng shui. No matter how busy you are, you should take the time to do this first.

If there are no conditions for immediate implementation because the mirror is attached to a wall of too large size. Temporarily you can use a cloth-covered. Should choose thick and dark fabrics to bring a better effect.

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Some positions set a good example in feng shui

Place the mirror near the window

On the sensory side, placing a mirror near the window will attract fresh air into the house. Make the house bright and close to the outside nature.

Put a mirror in the dining room/living room

The dining room and living room are the main storage places in the house. When placing mirrors in these places, every good thing will double.

Set the mirror to reflect beautiful space

It is similar to placing a mirror in the dining/living room space. The beautiful space reflecting in the mirror will help the house become more bright and spacious.

Another point to note is that you should not hang a mirror in front of your house when your home is opposite the door to another person. Because of that, they will inadvertently put them in the position to place the mirror opposite the entrance.

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Put the mirror in the right direction

We recommend placing mirrors in the direction of Southeast, North, and East. Because mirrors are placed in the Water element, when placing mirrors in the appropriate directions will help homeowners improve health. The name, career also progressed smoothly.


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