The Secret of the Glass of Water and Salt under the bed – Feng Shui Tips in 2020

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[The Secret of the Glass of Water and Salt under the bed]Salt is an indispensable item in the family, but when you put rice jars and salt jars in these places, your family will prosper and have good health.

Salt shaker

Salt is a mineral that has the ability to clean. You know, in the past, my grandparents still told us that when we moved to a new house, we should spread salt into each room, especially the corner, let it go one day and then wipe it out. The purpose of this job is to absorb the previously unsatisfactory energy in the home.

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Salt water absorbs negative energy

Put coins in a bowl of saltwater, put in places with poor energy. This way is considered very effective if you follow the steps correctly.

First, you put salt in a bowl or glass, accounting for ¾ bowl. Place 6 coins in a circular pattern on the salt surface, paying attention to placing the positive face (face with other characters) facing up. After that, fill the bowl with full water. Place the salt bowl on a piece of cloth and do not cover anything on the bowl.

You should place bowls in places exposed to air. Avoid enclosed spaces such as cupboards,  … Salt bowls after a while will appear reaction, salt has precipitated phenomenon outside the bowl.

So if you are afraid of aesthetics, you can leave the salt bowl at the hidden corner or behind something like a sofa, TV screen, tree … Within 1 year, leave the salt bowl at a location, no move, otherwise, the negative energy accumulated will break.

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Salt cleanses living space, brings positive energy

Before moving to a new place, spread salt to each room, especially the corners. Salt will help absorb the energy of previous employers. After 24 hours, you can scan them.

Placing the salt bowl in the corner is Southeast if you want to be rich, or set in the East if you want to improve your health. Replace salt every 2 months.

Spreading salt around the outside of the house or door will help prevent negative energy and clean the airflow into your home.

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