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[where do butterflies go at night]Sometimes we still see butterflies flying into the house, but because butterflies contain many mysteries, sometimes they will feel unstable. You should not worry because butterflies often bring many lucky things, so today we will learn the omen that butterflies bring.

Meaning of butterflies

Butterflies symbolize an eternal love that will make your relationship long and sincere. Yet no scientist has confirmed or acknowledged the correctness of the meaning of butterflies, but From ancient times until now, everyone believes that butterflies are the embodiment of a surreal world that people never discover.

In the world of the butterfly, the image is also absolutely respected. Japanese people treat butterflies flying to their homes very special because they think they are loved ones or friends who visit them in butterfly shapes. Likewise, for the Irish, in the 16th century, the government ordered a ban on the killing of butterflies due to the notion that it was the soul of unfortunate children who died prematurely. In some countries in South America, they also believe that butterflies are a resurgence, a new transformation in human life.

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The spiritual conception of butterflies

According to Western conception, butterflies are often the reincarnation of a dead soul. For Japanese, butterflies also represent the souls of relatives or friends returning to visit them from the afterlife.

According to Eastern culture, especially in China, butterflies are seen as a symbol of the soul of the deceased, which connects life and death. That said, there is a reason. Everyone knows what the process of forming a beautiful butterfly is. The process of growing from an ugly worm to a beautiful butterfly is like the journey of human life, from birth, growth, marriage, to death, to being buried, to sand. Many people believe that butterflies are a soul because butterflies are always fluttering like the souls of the dead are still struggling in the earth.

There are also some areas of view that when a person dies they will turn into a butterfly to inform their loved ones about their departure. Sometimes as a living person, the state of the body falling asleep but the soul escaped and moved to live in the bodies of butterflies. So these people treat the butterflies very well. They think that butterflies are a sacred animal.

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What is the butterfly flying into the house?

You may not know yet: Butterflies can only fly when the body temperature is above 30 ℃. In winter, they warm themselves by beating their wings together. Against moths, butterflies work mainly during the day and shelter in safe and night places.


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What is the black butterfly flying into the journalist?

Black butterflies flew into the house: with a large shape often containing hidden souls, so when a black butterfly flew into the house as an omen of returning from relatives. And this premonition was a good omen and brought good luck. So do not look for chasing and killing them like that will inadvertently cause you to have many disasters.

The yellow butterfly flies into the house: a good omen for your family, bringing good luck in your love story.

White butterflies fly into the house: depending on when it appears, it will have different meanings, if, on the first day of the year or the beginning of the month, you see a white butterfly flying into the house, this is a foreshadowing before you will have a year. Much luck and convenience. If you see this white butterfly flying around someone or parked on you, this is a foreshadowing that the person will get seriously ill in the future.

White and yellow butterflies fly into the house: this is a good omen, you will encounter a lot of luck in life, convenient work, the business brings a lot of revenue.

Brown butterflies flew into the house: a lucky premonition that brings good news related to your career and life.

Devil face butterflies with fierce looks flying into the house often bring misfortune, even a sign of death.

Butterflies of gray or blackish flying into the house: Do not be too anxious but must feel happy when this butterfly flies into your house. It implies that in the near future you will meet a gentleman and be helped by that person. Your work in the future will be very good and very convenient. Many opportunities for advancement in work, nominated for higher positions.

Butterflies flying into the house in bright colors: often bring good omen to your family, bringing good luck in your career. Also maybe in the coming time, you will meet a good omen in love affairs. If you are in love, then the romance is favorable, if you do not have a lover, you may meet half of you.

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