Will protein shakes make me fat? – Weight Loss Tips

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[will protein shakes make me fat]Wishing to both lose weight and not give up favorite foods such as bacon, barbecue, many overweight people chose to lose weight by protein-rich foods. But is a protein-rich diet really good for your weight loss route? This is probably the question of many overweight people.

Eating lots of protein does not help lose weight

In fact, weight gain does not necessarily depend on which substance you use, but in the amount of energy you put in.

For example, if you weigh 50kg, only 1500 Kcal should be appropriate. If you only eat high-protein foods with the goal of losing weight, but the energy exceeds 1500 Kcal, you will still be overweight. Currently, 1g of protein contains 4 Kcal, 1g of starch also contains 4 Kcal and no scientific studies have shown that eating a lot of protein will help with weight loss.

Pigs recommend from nutrition experts, overweight people should only load 30 Kcal / kg weight / day.

When supplied below this number, the body will not have enough active energy, causing metabolic disorders.

When you exceed this amount of energy and you’re less active, excess energy will accumulate into white fat under your skin and viscera, causing weight gain.

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Eat a lot of health-damaging proteins


Although protein is a group of substances recommended by experts when you exercise to increase muscle, eating more protein is counterproductive, causing many health risks.

Osteoporosis: Eating too much protein activates the ability to release acid in the body, causing the acidity to rise. To neutralize acids, the body must release buffers such as calcium phosphate. And to produce the necessary amount of calcium phosphate, the body will have to “cut” from bone calcium. A decrease in bone calcium will increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Damage to the liver, kidney failure. Eating too much protein for a long time increases the pressure on the liver, kidneys, causing liver and kidneys to work too hard, causing liver failure and kidney failure.

Gout: Protein foods from purine-rich animals. Pain can produce a lot of uric acids, causing gout.

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Nutritional weight loss nutrition needs 4 groups of substances

High-starch or protein-only diets (absolute cutting of starch) or actually reducing the weight of brown sesame rice are all weight-loss menus that cause nutrient imbalance, causing great harm to your health. strong.

As recommended by nutritionists, scientific nutrition for weight loss needs to adhere to the principle of reducing energy intake through eating, but still ensuring the health and maintaining daily activities. Overweight people should provide energy of 30 Kcal/kg of weight/day and balance between 4 groups of substances: sugar powder, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

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