11 Exotic fruits names and pictures do you know ?

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The world of fruit and fruit contains a lot more interesting and strange things than we thought. You will be surprised to the point of cheering loudly with the richness and variety of fruits of size, shape, and color that have never been seen before. This article will take you with 11 exotic fruits names and pictures that should be tested at least once in your life.

Originating from abroad, these exotic fruits are highly appreciated by experts for their nutritional content, such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which are beneficial to the health of users. If you intend to buy it for trial, these are very good fruits you can refer to.

1) Ackee Fruit

Ackee or Akee is a fruit of a family of pelicans, with a family of longan and litchi. The spread of the shape when ripening the ants of Ackee is also known by locals as a “vegetable brain”. The star shape is so, this type has a blue shell when ripe turn red, bright yellow and cracks to reveal 3 big, shiny black seeds with soft, smooth, white or yellow foam around it.

Although originating from West Africa, this fruit has been grown most popular in Jamaica since 1778. Today, it is “left country” and is Jamaica’s staple food next to the salt. In addition to Jamaica, Ackee is also found in Haiti, Barbados, Cuba, and the Caribbean.

It is a nutritious fruit, but if you eat at an early age, you may be poisoned, vomiting and even lethargic and dead. This is also the cause of many Ackee poisonings in Jamaica.

2) The squeeze fruit 

The exotic fruit of nudibranchs (English name: Physalis), many places called vengeance, lanterns or popsicles are a species of flowering plants belonging to the tomato family. Its shape, color and even its slightly acidic and sweet taste make many people confused with tomatoes. In fact, the mild flavor of this fruit is a reasonable alternative to tomatoes.

This species of lantern-like fruit is found quite a lot, they grow wild everywhere in the garden, in the fields, the wildland … The range of fruits is of American origin but can be found quite a lot in South Africa. .

3) Jabuticaba Fruit

Unlike the plants with the mulberry family, the Jabuticaba fruit does not form a separate cluster but grows directly on the bark and stem. This makes it look like it is covered by purple spots when it comes to the season. The Jabuticaba tree is native to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, and Bolivia, it is also called Brazilian vine, has a purple, white or brown softshell. The popularity and popularity of this fruit are even comparable to that of American grapes.

Jabuticaba fruits are mostly eaten raw like desserts or processed into jam, wine, and fruit juice. According to nutrition experts, the Jabuticaba fruit inside contains a lot of antioxidants and anti-cancer, so this is really good food for everyday use.

4) Thyme

The melon is also known as kiwano melon, this is a fruit of the melon family. They possess a rather strange appearance with sharp spikes covering the surface. Thorny melon when peeled in orange-yellow color and green flesh like jelly. It has a mixed taste of cucumbers, kiwi, and bananas. This fruit can be eaten at any stage but when ripe, the fruit will burst and shoot seeds everywhere.

The melon is a native fruit of the arid Sahara desert and scattered in some areas of the Kalahari desert. They have been introduced to California, Mississippi states of the United States and other countries like Chile, Australia, and New Zealand. The thorns used to appear in an episode of the TV series “Star Trek”.

5) Miraculous fruits

Miraculous fruits are grown in West Africa. The reason they have this pretty name is that their incredible ability can turn all the salty and sweet tastes into sweet. According to the explanation of scientists, the cause of this miracle is a molecule called miraculin. Miraculin works by “fooling” the cells that sense the sweetness on the tongue to make everything you eat with this fruit sweeten but still does not change the chemical composition of the tasty foods. sour. Therefore, you should be careful when using it because it can cause excess acidity, which easily leads to stomach ulcers, even stomach cancer, liver if used for a long time.

Miraculous fruit has a sweet sweet taste, a bar mixed with a little bitterness. Their seeds are edible.

6) The fruit is low


Bonbon (English name: Langsat), or mulberry is a type in the family and carries an edible fruit. The plants have elliptical, oval or round fruits, which appear to be quite similar in color to potatoes and meats combined in milky or nearly transparent colors. The carbon is found in many countries in Southeast Asia, Bhutan, and India. Boneless meat is sour and sweeter when cooked. They are eaten raw or can be processed into bottled water such as syrup. Because they grow into individual clusters, when harvested, people often shake the tree strong so that the fruit falls down.

Few people know that the fruit has two noble names that were bestowed by the Nguyen Dynasty: Nam Tran, meaning “(left) in the south” and the Central Army originated from the army of the Nguyen lords having eaten this fruit could hold it through a difficult period of having to flee the Tay Son army. Perhaps because of that, the fruit is honored to appear on Nhan peak, the second peak in Nine Dynasties (nine communal houses) placed in The temple yard in Hue Imperial Citadel.

7) Aguaje Fruit

The Aguaje or Moriche fruit is a palm family. This fruit is strange in that it has a crust that looks like “red scales”, yellow flesh. When eating, users have to peel off the crust-like crust to get meat. Aguaje fruits are often used to make jam, juice, ice cream and wine. This is a food rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, even more than 20 times the common fruits like oranges, avocados, and carrots. They are also useful for treating burns.

Aguaje fruit is grown in the Amazon rainforest. In addition, they are found in other countries such as Trinidad, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Guinea in France, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Their popularity and nutritional value are decreasing the amount of this plant due to excessive harvest.

8) Monstera Deliciosa

Unlike his seemingly scary name, Monstera Deliciosa (combined from English “Monster” and “Delicious”), this fruit looks more like a fruit than a fruit. tree. It has a hexagonal crust like pineapple wrapped around the white-yellow flesh inside. When ripe, this shell will automatically peel off.

Deliciosa Monstera fruit takes nearly a year to ripen and is safe to use. However, absolutely should not eat this fruit when alive because then the outer shell contains a lot of toxins.

This fruit is native to the tropical forests of Central America and is mixed with bananas, pineapples, and mangoes.

9) Cupuacu fruit

Together with cacao, this fruit is found in the Amazon basin. According to experts, Cupuacu will soon be recognized as the “super-fruit” type followed by its extremely rich nutritional content. The fruit tastes like chocolate quite contrary to the white flesh. They are many ingredients used in desserts and candies. Cupuacu fruit juice has a mixture of pears mixed with bananas. The flesh of the fruit is also proven to have very good moisturizing benefits.

10) Melon Pepino

Pepino melon, also known as Pepino yellow watermelon, is a hybrid of melon and pear originating from South America. Sweet and delicious melon is used as a salad, dessert or smoothie. Funny watermelon is exported to New Zealand and Turkey. This plant has a rapid growth rate, can be harvested in just 4 to 6 months of care. Because of these characteristics, this is also considered one of the easy-to-grow melons and bring a high harvest for farmers.

11) Hala Fruit

Fruit Hala has many names such as Thaazhai (Tamil), Hala (Hawaii), (Samoan), (Spanish), Jacques (French). The fruit has a fancy outer shell of 20cm diameter with 38 – 200 red flesh zones inside. Each such zone contains two seeds. Hala fruit can be eaten raw or cooked but mostly eaten directly without processing because it is rich in fiber and vitamin C. The leaves of Hala tree are also used as skirts, carpets, knitting baskets, roofing .. Scientists have recently discovered the medical use of this fruit.

Although it has a strange shape, even somewhat strange, the above exotic tree species are highly appreciated for the nutritional content that it brings to users. Therefore, if there are conditions and want to exchange new desserts for the family, try to buy and enjoy to see what their taste is different from normal fruits. 
How many fruits have you enjoyed in this article? Let us know to comment with the readers, and don’t forget to share this article! There are many other exotic fruits I will mention in the following article.


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