2020-1985 horoscope – Life, Love, Career in 2020

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[2020-1985 horoscope]This feng shui column will introduce you to the life of the person born in 1985 in 2020.


 The life of people born in 1985 will be more quiet, vibrant depending on each time, in their spiritual life very rarely rested.
The very circumstances of life have made their lives more painful and miserable, for them the enjoyment of materiality cannot satisfy them, they need peace of mind.

Their soul life is also comfortable, but it will not last for a long time because of this age, when growing up it becomes more worrying.

Summarize the lives of the old people Like the typhoon, it rarely gets calm and calm.

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People born in 1985 who was born in the 3rd, 4th and 8th month of the lunar calendar will have full emotional life and happiness.

Their fateful life depends on the time and month of birth, if the duty of birth is different from the above months in marriage, it is easy to fall into the middle of the road.

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Leadership, publicity, career


The work of this age also has a lot of troubles around, but in them with patience, everything in the family will also be peaceful, not entangled with many hardships.

The name will be more volatile in the early period, only after 38 years of age becomes more silent and there are not many changes or breakthroughs around. Publicity is not so outstanding they can be people with little social status and many virtues.

Since the age of 32, a new career is considered to be sustainable, which may have failed several times before. The post-peace career has not encountered difficulties or concerns or any obstruction.

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Evolution in life

From 42 to 45 years:
Fortune and fortune and may have a son at age 42. Your age is quite good so try to use it and find the opportunity to find the fortune to prepare for the years to come. 43 years of age, health is somewhat declining, the business has many failures, especially in June, the rider is released, 44 things are better, but the descendants have grief, 45 The age is quite good, the work is smooth, the family is happy, the name has good luck.

From 46 to 50 years old:
The 46-year-old health was once again downhill but met about business and money. 48-year-old, unpopular destiny in the family often has friction. 49 years old, 50 years old is not very good, money is easy to dissipate, children and grandchildren are separated and prevented from being seriously ill.

From 50 to 55 years:
At the age of 50 and 51, life is smooth without any event. 52 and 53 although not lucky, but overall life is still stable, everything is average. 54 and 55 years old, encountered failures, or were life-threatening in the past few years of life, but if the blessing from before disaster will be mitigated.

From 55 to 60 years old:
All the bad things need to be aware of everything in the family path and the career part of the children is not very lucky.


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