2020-1988 horoscope – All about the life of people born in 1988 in 2020

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[2020-1988 horoscope]This article is the next category about Feng Shui. Today, I will show you the love, career, life of people born in 1988 in 2020.


According to the horoscope, the life of the people born in 1988 from birth was not flat, the unevenness reflected in their career or emotional life sometimes up but also often down. surprisingly low. Or sick from childhood.


People born in 1988, though not very lucky on the road of nomination, in return, they always enjoy full love affairs, in love stories, even if you encounter problems or afflictions, it is your own creation. there is a woman who can put pressure on you.

When you grow up and find the happiness and comfort of your family, you will have a full life, but your birth will also affect your marriage life.

If people born in 1988 were born in the following months, there will be three changes in the love affair in life that are in May, July, and the 11th lunar month.

If you are born on the lunar months 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12, there will be two changes.

Family life is completely happy and complete if born in February, September, and October of the lunar calendar.

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Being recognized in the life of people born in 1988 is not entirely successful, their lives will only have temporary successes, however, considering the common ground, you are also a person with a certain position in society.

Family problems still exist until you are 30 years old and you have to go through a lot of difficulties, through the age of 34, you can be peaceful and happy in your family.

Your street of interest begins to grow from 27 to 34 years old, at age 39, encountering many sad things in your family, but if you can get everything right, you will be safe and happy at the end. life

The most solid career of your 39 years, if you have the determination and try your best, will achieve great success this year; however, it is necessary to be careful and wise to make the right decisions to contribute to a solid career.


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Difficult years in life

People born in 1988 will encounter the most difficulties at the age of 25, 29, 34, 37 and 42 years old. In these years it is best to be careful, watchful in every job, about individuals as well as family.

Turning in life

From 29 to 30 years old:
The 29-year-old you will meet a lot of luck will be a good condition to advance on the path of business and career, especially since August 8. 30 years old, encountering some major obstacles in January and March .

From 31 to 35 years old:
31 there was no bad change, normal life and work, limited to travel far in June. 32 years old, there were many great victories about life and fortune, met lots of luck in March and 4.

33 years old, your career and your career meet a lot of luck. 34 years old family is nice but not very nice about fortune. 35 years old, difficult but can be overcome.

From 36 to 40 years old:
The 36-year-old fortune is not good, meeting the money loss is very likely to be sad in June and July of the lunar calendar. 37 and 38 years old, not good for doing business without luck.

So do not do big business in these years. 39 and 40, two years are painful, it is advisable to be more careful in all matters, not going away or going out even in the even months will be an accident. When he was 40 years old, he was in danger of becoming a Buddhist monk.

From 41 to 45 years:
Around this time everything could be said to be peaceful and peaceful, the mind was quiet, rested.

From 49 to 50 years old:
The business will result quickly, in the family life the descendants will be comfortable and harmonious, however age 47 or sick. These years are very big in winter, so be careful to maintain your health. Should not create more problems, develop the mediocre professional ability, to master your luck.


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