7 Pink Exotic Fruit To Try On travel Your Next Trip

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Fruit come in red, yellow or green color. But, pink exotic fruits, you seldom see them. Can you think of any? I can name seven; how about you?

Here is a list of seven edible pink colored fruits. The color refers to either the skin or flesh that I know.


The guava originated in the Antilles and Central America. It is bigger than a fig but smaller than a pear and its flesh is white, red or pink and similar in fragrance to a strawberry or a peach. Select a smooth guava that is unblemished, and not too hard or soft. It can be used in sweet dishes such as fruit salads, jams, jellies, chutney, and in drinks, or eaten raw.

The taste of guava blends well with apples, adding a fragrant aroma to pies and compote. It is also excellent in green salads. To ripen a guava, leave it at room temperature for three to four days. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium and also contains vitamin A, niacin, traces of phosphorus and calcium.


The lychee originated in China and Vietnam where it has been cultivated for over 2,000 years. The lychee produces clusters of about a dozen plum-sized fruit. Its juicy, translucent flesh is crunchy, quite sweet and very fragrant, tasting somewhat like a strawberry. Select a lychee that is still attached to a stem with a pink to dark red shell.

The redness of the shell indicates its freshness. It pairs well with rice, vegetables, stuffing and sauces. Or try it with cold meats such as pork or duck. It is best to refrigerate the lychee in a plastic bag containing a paper towel to absorb any moisture. The exotic fruit is rich in vitamin C and potassium, and also contains copper and magnesium.

Grape Pink Globe

Bushes are vigorous. Flower is telianthus. Bunch is cylindrical, medium-density, large, weighing 500-900 g.

Berry is ovoid, large, weighing 13-15 g, pink. The taste of nutmeg, pulp fleshy-juicy. Peel is eatable seeds in a berry 1 – 2. Advantages od the form: Grapes have ornate commodity clusters and berries and delicious, with nutmeg, transportable, productive and promising market.

With a distinctive, lighter appearance, white interior flesh with minimal acidity and, importantly, a brix level typically two-three grades higher than Red Globe of up to 21ºBx, it is easy to see why the new variety provoked so much excitement. Although not a seedless variety, Chimenti emphasises that Pink Globe has small, flat seeds, which are easy to eat and not bitter in taste.

Pink Globe also benefits from a slightly longer shelf life than Red Globe, so is well suited to being stored and transported long distances.

Pink dragon fruit

The dragon fruit, or pitahaya/pitaya, belongs to the cactus family. It originates in Central America.


Dragon fruits are 10-15 cm long, oval and can weigh up to 500 g. There are three varieties: yellow with white flesh, pink with white flesh or pink with bright red-pink flesh. The peel is scaly, like a dragon’s skin, which is how it gets its name. The flesh contains lots of little black pips, like a kiwi. In the white fleshed dragon fruit, the pips make it look like stracciatella ice cream. The pink fleshed fruits have a more intense flavour and are more difficult to cultivate than the white ones. And because we like a challenge, we only put the pink dragon fruits in our pink smoothie.

The pink dragon fruit get their bright colour from their high content of beta-carotin- and betalain. Beta-carotin can be turned into vitamin A in the body and in this form it reduces the oxidation process, regulates cell growth, controls the reactions of the immune system and therefore fulfills many other important functions in the body. The dragon fruit has a very delicate, sweet and refreshing tropical flavour. Our dragon fruits come from Vietnam.

Pink Banana

The history of pink banana begins in India and other parts of Southeast Asia where this banana species is a native. The Latin name for pink banana’s origin, Musa, is one of two or three genera in the family Musaceae, which includes bananas and plantains. There are 70 or so species of Musa known.

Musa velutina banana tree plants are small for bananas, 4-6 feet high by 3-5 feet wide. Although they seem to have a stem, the base of the plant is actually made up of the large (1-2 foot) leaf stalks which actually make it more of a giant herb than a tree.

Pink banana produces prolific flower stalks at near the top of its trunk beginning in late summer. Each of these flower stalks becomes a cluster of small (3 inches), bright pink bananas covered in fine hairs. Hence, its alternate name of Hairy Banana! As the bananas ripen, they begin to peel themselves. Honest! Although pink bananas are usually grown as ornamentals, you can eat them. Just be wary of the multitude of large seeds that can apparently break a tooth…

Rose Apple

Rose Apple scientific name is Syzygium jambos. Common names is Rose apple, Plum rose, Malabar plum, Wax apple, Pomarrosa, or Malay apple

Round, oval, or slightly pear-shaped fruits. Unripe rose apples have a bright green color. If ripe, the skin is rose-pink smooth and waxy.Inside is a dry to juicy layer of yellowish flesh.

The fruit is crispyand tastes like an apple. It can have different colors like: Green, red, white, and purple

Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit is a unique fruit that tastes great and is low in calories. But pink grapefruit also has some significant health benefits that can help you fight off serious diseases and lower your risk of developing some kinds of cancer. You can dramatically reduce your chances of having a stroke and lower your blood pressure just be eating a delicious pink grapefruit every day.

You can order delicious fresh pink grapefruit from independent growers in Florida who are famous for the quality and great taste of their citrus fruit. Ordering a large box of pink grapefruit and Ruby red grapefruit is a fantastic way to make sure that you have plenty of grapefruit on hand to eat every day and to make sure that you don’t get bored eating just one type of grapefruit every day. Ruby red grapefruit has a lot of the same health benefits as pink grapefruit because both contain one key ingredient which is Lycopene.


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