Answer The Question: Which is the only food that contains all the substances needed to sustain life?

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Welcome back to the forum every day a question. today we will find the answer to the question which is the only food that contains all the substances needed to sustain life?.

As you know, the health of every human being is a top priority, and it is equally important to choose foods that are good for your health. “Honey” is the answer to this question or not. Read this article, we will introduce you to the “multipurpose” food that is the answer to the title on the topic.

Honey, Effect of honey, Is this the answer to the question above the title

Honey is a food that has many great uses for human health and beauty. Here are the main effects of honey on humans. You will be regardless of the benefits that it can bring.

Improve performance for the body

There are many studies that show that honey is like an ergogenic, which increases the performance of athletes. Eating honey helps you recover glycogen, restores muscle health and keeps blood sugar levels under control at a manageable level. Specifically, honey regulates the body’s energy consumption and keeps insulin at the allowed level.

Effective for skincare

The main honey is nectar extracted from flowers, containing 80% of sugar and many other minerals. You will find calcium, iron, phosphorus, amino acids and magnesium in honey. Honey is also rich in vitamins B and C, so it becomes a good ingredient in skin creams. Even applying crude honey to your skin can benefit your skin.

Help lose weight effectively

Honey is sweet, so it feels good to have a full stomach. Sweet but honey provides very little energy for the body. Providing 100g of honey we only get 294 calories. When drinking honey every day, the body needs more energy to maintain the day’s activities, so excess fat is burned to produce energy for the body. In addition, honey is also very good for digestion, making the stomach more flexible. This helps the body not to accumulate extra fat, combined with burning fat to produce energy, which helps reduce fat quite effectively.

So, for people who want to remove fat from their bodies, drink honey mixed with warm water and lemon.

Provide abundant energy sources

Each tablespoon of honey contains nearly 64 calories and this helps honey become a healthy energy source. Meanwhile, each spoonful of sugar has only 15 calories. Carbohydrates found in honey are easily converted into glucose. Honey is a natural substance so it is easier to digest than sugar. It easily helps fight fatigue and solve problems due to energy shortages.. Reduce throat irritation
Honey is highly effective in treating a sore throat caused by coughing. One study demonstrated that a dose of honey also had the same effect as a dose of dextromethorphan. Honey has a very strong antibacterial property, which helps soothe the throat and kill bacteria that cause infections. Drinking honey before going to bed, patients will reduce cough and sleep better.

To quickly get rid of coughing spells, mix 1 tablespoon of honey with some fresh lemon juice and drink this solution regularly.

Heal wounds


Honey has antibacterial properties, treatment of infections so honey is used as an effective remedy for treating large-scale wounds such as foot ulcers, an ulcer caused by Pressure ulcers, and ulcers. Diabetic ulcers, traumatic injuries or surgery, burns. Honey is used as first aid for burns because it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

People often use a mixture of silver sulfadiazine and honey.

Control blood sugar

Honey contains sugar but it is not like white sugar that you use every day. Thanks to the combination of glucose and fructose, honey easily controls blood sugar. With low levels of hypoglycemia in a certain amount of honey, honey becomes the ideal choice to use as a sweetener without worrying about the risk of increasing blood sugar.

There are many benefits of honey to the body. Because it is a completely natural substance, it does not cause side effects and you can absorb its nutrients faster, better than many other processed products.

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Cure stomach pain

People with stomach illness are often infected with a virus that causes ulcers or excess acid. For treatment, folk has used turmeric and honey to drink every day. Antiseptic honey will gradually eliminate harmful stomach viruses, stabilize acid, reduce stomach damage.

Defeating insomnia

Many people have bad sleep. Honey is a simple solution to this problem. Honey is a fatty carbohydrate that controls the release of insulin and allows tryptophan to penetrate the brain easily.

Tryptophan is a compound that can make us sleepy. Just drink a cup of warm milk with honey before going to bed. Both honey and milk are foods containing tryptophan.


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