Avoiding The Refined Sugar – Using The Natural Sugar

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When I tell my friends that I do not eat absolutely 100% starch, everyone surprises, and often asks me that, how can you survive without eating sugar.

It is necessary for the brain to energize the sugar, however with very little sugar and eating with RAW VEGAN is enable for the brain.

Other organs can get energy from fat and protein. Eating with RAW VEGAN still ensures these two components.


 – Sugar in soluble fiber is found in vegetables. Sugar in ripe fruits and fresh vegetables (not cooked) has enzymes that helps the body digest soluble fiber as energy.

 – Sugar in honey: Honey consists sugar, enzymes, antibiotic properties, but with the little amount that should be good for health. It should combine with other herbs such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, chlorophyll in green vegetables.

 – Ripe fruits also comprise sugar, and fruits are rich in enzymes, fiber, some are rich in protein such as durian, pouteria lucuma… It is necessary to eat the fruits with moderate amount or grind with leafy green vegetables, algae, and cold-pressed oils. Fat, fiber and protein will make slowly the rate of blood sugar release. Do not squeeze the fruit except for a few sweet (apple), that leads to the blood sugar increase quickly.

 – Fresh sugarcane juice: including sugar, rich in minerals. It is necessary to combine sugarcane juice with coconut, durian … that helps limit the blood sugar increase.


 – Sweetness makes the dish more attractive and delicious. However, What can you do if you are on a no-sugar diet?

    + Using sweetener: stevia, sugar from siraitia grosvenorii.


   + Using honey, date, sugarcane juice to make sweet.

   + Some fermented food, which needs to use sugar? Using sugarcane juice, molasses, raw sugar cane, jaggery – a natural, mineral-rich sugar.

 – For cases of severe illness, sedentary, energy-saving, sugar should not be used, including stevia. It is enough to use sugar in vegetable juice. If necessary, it is possible to use sugar extracted from fruit siraitia grosvenorii- this is a health supplemental and safe.

 – Do not absolutely use refined sugar, white sugar. These sugars are refined, so there are no minerals, industrial detergents. When you consume refined sugar – no enzymes, no minerals => your body will compensate by taking out the enzymes of your body, taking the body’s minerals to neutralize ====> gradually, the pancreas will overload, out of enzymes that causes diabetes, bone loss should cause osteoporosis + a variety of other diseases, especially cancer.

Postscript: The picture below is the sugary dishes that I am using.

– Sugar extracted from siraitia grosvenorii, it can be long-lasting and economical (red bag)

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 – Ripe fruit

 – Forest honey (rich in pollen – abundant source of protein and enzymes)


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