Awesome tips using feng shui wind chimes front door for luck and protection

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Using feng shui wind chimes front door for sound vibration in a space can be a remedy or a good luck magnet. There are a few classic principles to help you enhance the power of wind chimes to bring positive chi into your life.

To get the most out of wind chimes, it’s important to note that there are several distinctions regarding wind feng shui wind chimes front door, such as type, number of rods, and so on…

Chimes bring positive chi into your life

Knowing these distinctions will help you use wind chimes effectively — and correctly – an important consideration if you are looking to achieve a specific result, such as greater recognition, more career help, or better health. Take a look at the information below to learn more about wind chimes and how to use them effectively in feng shui.

Wind chime Materials

Wind chimes are made of a number of materials: ceramic, glass, metal, or wood. The type of material selected will depend on what you are trying to achieve and where you want to place the wind chime.

Wind chimes are made of metal materials

– Metal: Place in the west, NW, and north.

– Wood/Bamboo: Place in the east, SE, and South

– Ceramic/Glass: Place in the NE or SW

Number of Rods to Select

Remember there are no hard and fast feng shui rules for using wind chimes, but do take advantage of number wisdom when selecting the number of rods. In general, odd numbers are yang and even numbers are yin.

– Three and multiples of three (six, nine) contain wealth, accomplishment and attainment energy.

– Four is a strong foundation and security.

– Five stands for all five elements and represents dynamic change (in a good way).

– Seven expands and deepens self-knowledge.

Wind chimes have odd numbers are yang and even numbers are yin

Eight is prosperous growth, success, and ongoing abundance.
When you love a tuning but aren’t sure about the number of rods, test a couple of the same style chimes by striking the rods with the clapper to hear the combination of tones that sounds right.


Hollow vs. Solid Rods

There is debate about rod types. Both solid rod and hollow rods work equally well. However, if you want to energize an area, such as your career sector in the north, you should always use hollow rods. That’s because hollow rods lift chi. Solid rods should be used when you are trying to press down chi, but hollow rods will also work just as well.

Choosing Sounds for Your Feng Shui Wind Chime

Copper tubes, capiz shells, fired clay, glass, and bamboo culms create unique sounds, each pleasing in its own way and each an effective energizer. Intuition and common sense are the best way to select the right tone.

A deep metal resonance may chime out protection in a large yard — but it could drive your neighbors crazy on an apartment complex balcony.

The soft clink of capiz shells just inside French doors stirs the interior space and slows a rush of energy so it enters a home in a flow, not a flood.

The muted clunk of bamboo is quietly protective in a child’s bedroom.
Listen to the chimes and allow them to speak to you. And give them each their voice. Don’t cluster wind chimes all in one space, or they will turn into so much competing noise.

Some Wind chime Do’s and Don’ts

– DO hang the appropriate wind chime for the direction your front door faces on either side of your front door if your door faces a parking lot, an oncoming road, or other obstacle, such as poison arrow, tree, etc.

– DO hang a wind chime in an area where there are more than two doors in a straight line

– DO use a 5-rod hollow or solid chime for bathrooms in east, SE, NW, S, or west sectors

– DO use a hollow wood chime for bathrooms located in the center, SW, or NW sectors

– DO use pagoda-shaped chimes with hollow rods as energizers

– DO use six sets of six-rod hollow chimes to mark off a missing NW corner – helpful if you are looking to attract a man if you are single, gain more help from influential people, or help the patriarch of a household.

– Don’t hang a wind chime over a door so that either you or your door hit it

– Don’t hang wind chimes in trees. The metal in the tree causes the elements to clash. Wood chimes are OK in trees.

– Don’t hang a wind chime over where you sit, eat, work, or sleep so that you are directly under it.


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