Benefits of raw manuka honey for health and beauty

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Today, many people are obsessed with new (and expensive) types of honey, including Manuka honey. Manuka honey advertised can help treat wounds, colds, flu, sore throat … Is this honey that good?
What is raw manuka honey ?

“Manuka honey is simply honey collected from manuka bees, found in New Zealand,” said Anna Debenham, a nutritionist for The Biting Truth, told HuffPost Australia .

In Australia, the plants are used to make Manuka honey (jelly) Jellybush and yellow tea tree.

Waikato University Professor Peter Molan in New Zealand was the first to report on the great things of Manuka honey since the 1980s. Manuka honey has a higher Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) index, proving possible. Better antibacterial properties.

The difference between Manuka honey, pure raw honey and ordinary honey

Normal honey is usually sterilized (heated at high temperatures) and filtered to kill any kind of yeast that can cause honey to ferment. Normal honey has a smooth and even texture.

Raw raw honey is the type of honey in the most natural state, meaning it is not filtered or heated. It can be taken from bees that eat any kind of flower or plant. The minimum processing of raw raw honey is often the reason why it can have wax, glue and pollen grains.
Compared to ordinary honey, Manuka honey looks darker and denser.

Is Raw Manuka honey good for you?

Honey is used to treat wounds and skin infections due to its high antibacterial and sugar content and low pH, which helps inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Nutrition expert Debenham said Manuka honey is sometimes called honey because it has a high antimicrobial activity, proven to be beneficial for wound healing, can help relieve sore throats. , mouth ulcers, gingivitis and indigestion.



However, expert Anna Parker does not believe that Manuka honey is better than other types of honey.Manuka honey is better than pure honey or ordinary honey?

The answer to this depends on what you use and how much you spend on honey. If antibacterial and quality are important to you, Manuka honey may be the first choice.

Manuka honey has many health benefits , but it is still a sugar supplement, so you need to limit your intake.

There are many healthy foods (such as herbs, spices, vegetables and fermented foods) that provide the body with antibacterial substances . Therefore, it is not necessary to always use honey.


Should honey be used to replace sugar?

Although honey is taken from nature and undergoes minimal purification, it is still a form of sugar and is transformed by the body in the same way as other sugars. However, according to Parker, our bodies need more time to digest honey than sugar, providing more sustainable energy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that adults and children limit the amount of added sugar, less than 10% of the total daily energy. Nutrition expert Debenham said: Less than 5% is better for health.

It is important to note that sugar is also found in many foods and drinks, so eating a lot of honey can make us load more than 10%.


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