Can I Eat Sauerkraut While Pregnant? – Things Need To Notice

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[Can i eat sauerkraut whilr pregnant] Sauerkraut has long been ingrained in a daily diet, so the girls were eager to eat before becoming pregnant. But when a woman is waiting for the family’s supplement, she is asked a lot of questions about the accuracy of receiving certain dishes. Today we will talk about sauerkraut, or rather its effect on the female body in this situation.

Can cabbage melon be eaten when pregnant?

+ The product has a lot of ascorbic ids, both as an antioxidant and an immunostimulant. Therefore, of course, snacks are allowed for pregnant women to consume.

+ In cabbage, other valuable substances have a positive effect on the formation of the fetus in the uterus. The food is favored with folic acid, iron, vitamin K.

+ In addition to cabbage, we acknowledge the cucumber leftover from it. This product reduces vomiting, nausea, and general discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy. It is consumed against poisoning.

+ Experts recommend that girls eat cabbage to prevent viral and fungal infections. Due to the enhanced functions, the dish is indispensable in the middle of the seasons and with regular movements.

+ Besides, cabbage can be eaten for people with slow blood circulation, problems with the assimilation of food and other unstable functions in the body.

+ Since it is part of a lot of magnesium, only a portion of the composition every day will fill its deficit. An excellent source of this mineral should be included in the diet of pregnant women.

+ Modern doctors do not allow their patients to gain weight, cabbage has low-calorie intake and the ability to speed up metabolism. Therefore, its consumption eliminates the risk of weight gain.

+ In preparations with zinc copper. They are essential for bone tissue, nervous system, and heart. These are organs and systems that receive a large load during pregnancy.

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The benefits of sauerkraut

+ The composition contains vitamin C in a large volume, which is important for the mother’s immune system. With an ascorbic acid deficiency, the protective function decreases, leading to colds and loss of strength. Cabbage warns about negative consequences.

+ With the low acidity of the stomach and poor juice production, the alkaline balance is disturbed. Sauerkraut restores pH, attacks digestive organs.

+ Saltwater is allowed to be used, helping to eliminate symptoms of poisoning, suppressing nausea and eliminating vomiting spasms. These problems are extremely urgent in the early stages.

+ Eating cabbage increases appetite. Therefore, if the future mother has a similar problem with anorexia, this vegetable dish will restore it.

+ The composition has a good amount of fiber, cleanses the esophagus and eliminates stagnation. When using cabbage in a systematic system will improve intestinal peristalsis.

+ With moderate food intake discussed, liver function returned to normal, its structure restored. It is most welcome for a pregnant woman with an overloaded internal organ.

+ Thanks to the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of cabbage, many drugs have a potential direction.

+ To increase the level of hemoglobin, eliminate indifference, but emotional and psychological environments into melodies, cabbage is prescribed in combination with fish or red meat.


Rules for making sauerkraut

+ If you consume a product before pregnancy, chances are, when you are carrying a child, your preferences will not change. The taste of cabbage may seem different, but the whole change of activity of the receptor.

+ For permissible standards of reception, know the measures. When eating too much, there will be swelling, the liquid lingers in the tissues. It is better not to eat in your cabbage.

+ It is ideal as a complement to a light dinner containing meat and seafood. Before eating, wash cabbage, for better digestion, use it with vegetable oil.

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Sauerkraut contraindicated

+ If pregnancy is completely normal and no abnormalities are detected, there may be no contraindications to the use of the product. Basic rules still comply. Don’t eat too much. Cabbage can be eaten anytime pregnant.

+ Do not include sauerkraut in the diet with the pathology of the kidneys, diabetes, hypertension, flatulence, tend to be overweight, peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract. The abundance of salt in fermented products causes the growth of puffiness in the limbs.

+ With such diseases in rare cases, it is allowed to eat 20 grams. product, but only after consulting a doctor. Even though the last cabbage is low in calories, sugar is used to ferment the product. Therefore, the dish has a high blood sugar index. From this, it can be concluded that cabbage is banned in diabetes and obesity.

+ Besides, products are not recommended to be included in the diet with increased stomach acidity. When gastritis and muscle ulcers should be excluded from the diet. The presence of organic acids in the dish will adversely affect the patient’s condition. Health is significantly worse. Remember that cabbage contributes to increased gas formation.

Cooking sauerkraut

+ To avoid trouble, you should cook cabbage yourself. There are many different recipes to prepare. Any hostess can easily deal with this task.

+ Classic sauerkraut. Take a white cabbage weighing about 3.5 kg, 6 medium carrots, 100 grams. salt. Cut thin cabbage. Grind vegetables on a large squeeze. Mix all regular cups, periodically squeezing them to make juice. Carefully squeeze the embryo and transfer it to a sterile vial. Cover your neck with a gauze cloth. It is also allowed to add a small number of cranberries. Leave cabbage at room temperature for several days.

+ Cabbage in haste. To prepare food will lose 0.6 kg. carrots and 10 kg. white cabbage. Prepare vegetables in the usual form. Chop cabbage and rub carrots. Mix ingredients. Next, pour saltwater. You should be prepared. At 1 l. Purified water, poured into 30 gr. salt and sugar. Boil the liquid and pour it into cabbage containers. Keep the product in enameled containers. Cover the cabbage cap. After 2 days, move the container cold. On the 4th day, you can eat.

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Sauerkraut has a lot of positive qualities that are conducive to the health of a pregnant woman. Do not abuse the product, so that there is no trouble. Review possible contraindications. Review the recipes submitted. Cabbage is recommended for self-cooking. So you will be assured of a good quality product.


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