Chinese art of arranging objects for well being 2020

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Chinese art of arranging objects for well being . Have you ever heard that housing design can make life happier and attract money to your home?
Think about the ancient feng shui advice based on energy balance art.
Here are feng shui tips from experts that will help your family be happy and attract more money for living space at your home:

1. Arrange the table in a circle

According to the feng shui consultant, you should never put all furniture closely to the wall, by arranging furniture in the family only to support communication. Besides, when it comes to creating a taste for love, the bedroom is the most important space of the house, followed by the dining room.

I arranged the table so that everyone could see each other and arrange enough seats for all members, even if the family did not eat together every night,” Karen expert shared.

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2. Decorate positive photos and arrange “double” items

To improve your married life, put happy photos of your spouse and family on the hallway, kitchen, or other elevated areas. This is the suggestion of feng shui consultant Ken Lauher.
Laura Benko – feng shui expert and comprehensive designer also suggested, if a couple is often arguing in the bedroom and the living room, review and save only the photos, artwork inspirational and uplifting for family members.

Also, when starting a relationship, you should not arrange a single item. You need to avoid a single chair in the corner, artwork that has a single image or a solo photo. Instead, put a second chair in a sitting area, arrange a double bed and everything in your room goes into pairs.

3. The bedroom should be cozy

Too large bedrooms will need to create a feeling of warmth to have a better and feng shui relationship. Therefore, you should close the adjacent rooms, such as the bathroom, the home office, the front yard or the gym. The blind door will be fitted with blinds, arrange the seats facing each other if there is only one sitting area and reduce the size with the smaller bed. When space is bigger, people tend to live farther apart and life becomes less emotional.
Bedroom shows passion and rejuvenation, so technology should be minimized and romance enhanced. Therefore, you should install thick curtains on a large window, so that your home becomes cozier. Besides, you should not place laptops, phones or other electronic devices near the bed.

4. Keep the house clean and tidy


To bring prosperity, it is important to create a healthy home, inspiring positive and not messy. The confusion will prevent the creation of good energy and lead to delay. Bring positive living energy like plants and flowers, don’t forget to let the airflow. Fountains are an important adjustment in feng shui because they stimulate prosperity and energy and symbolize money.
In particular, your kitchen is directly related to your ability to attract money. So you need to keep the kitchen clean, tidy and the fridge always full of fresh food that you use.

5. Remove dripping or broken faucet

Droplets are a sign of wasting money. Regardless of water-related issues, your financial situation reflects the same. To fix this problem, fix broken faucets and remove all stagnant water. It’s best not to display artwork that has the image of the water or place a mirror higher than your nose because it’s not good for your feng shui.

6. Choose the color according to your preference

Colors have a strong impact on mood, in which red is considered a good and strong color. Purple and green are also key colors to attract prosperity. If you like purple, draw a lavender flower on the wall or put a purple flower on your couch.
Pink is the color of the relationship in feng shui, is one of the best colors to decorate the bedroom. Pink represents love, happiness, and romance, but you just need to decorate pink for a few small details in the room. Also, light blue is the color that shows a positive relationship.
Decorating with your favorite colors will help you enhance the vibration and strength of your own home.

7. Notice the front door

If it is difficult to find a door to your house, it is very difficult for you to have the opportunity to attract money to live. You should put a gate to make the front door most visible and make sure the doorbell works. After that, clean the sidewalk and place a potted plant right at the entrance.

8. Build a home office

Many people work from home but lack the space reserved for business. Be respectful of yourself and your business if you want to attract new customers and greater opportunities.
The image of a director’s office, with a large desk resting on the wall, facing the doors and windows, has spacious seats that will attract customers. The space in front of you relates to the amount of opportunity available, so arrange your seat so you have a wide view of the room.


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