Cutting A Dragon Fruit – Four How To Cut Dragon Fruit Delicious And Beautiful

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Dragon fruit is a beautiful and nutritious fruit, often present in five fruits or banquets on special occasions. Please introduce to us the simple and beautiful ways to trim dragon fruits.


4 fruits dragon fruit. Dragon fruit should be washed and dried.

Clean cutting board, sharp knife.

Method 1:

Cut the dragon fruit into 4 equal parts

Use a small knife to separate the meat and shell

Continue to use the knife to cut the fruit into many slices equally, leaving the whole flesh on the shell as the original.
Push the slices of dragon fruit evenly together on both sides, alternating. When eating using a toothpick.

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Method 2:


Adding dragon fruit to make 4 equal parts. Use a thin knife to separate the flesh from the shell

Use a sharp knife to cut a flat line along the sharp edge of the dragon fruit, to gently cut the cut to the cutting board.
Next, leave the remaining meat on the shell, use the knife to cut it into equal slices, push the slices of dragon fruit to the sides and place the cut edge just in the middle. Put the dragon fruit pieces on the plate, when eating using a toothpick.

Method 3:

Add the dragon fruit in half. Cut horizontally into thick slices

Use a thin knife to slash a diagonal line on the dragon’s shell. Next, separate the knife tip and separate part of the fruit and shell, only separating 1 section about 1.5 cm.
Then use a knife to slice along the piece of dragon fruit in half.
It is possible to cut a little bit of fruit flesh so that the shell is spiked out, looking better. Do the same turn until the end.

Method 4:

Vertical dragon fruit in half.
Use a round spoon to scrape the round sticks like balls. Remove all the flesh, leaving the shell as a decorative bowl.
  Put dragon balls in the “half”. Lay it on the plate next to the pruned dragon fruit pieces.

Wish you have a nice table!

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