Do you know What is the primary storage form of Carbohydrate in the body?

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Found in foods such as grains, fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates make up the body’s go-to energy supply. Do you know what is the primary storage form of Carbohydrate in the body.

Every cell in the body requires energy to function, so you must have a steady source of energy — even when carbohydrates aren’t immediately available. To provide that steady energy, the body stores any excess carbohydrates, usually as a compound called glycogen. So, what is the primary storage form of Carbohydrate in the body

Carbohydrate found in foods such as grains, fruit and vegetables

Carbohydrate found in foods such as grains, fruit and vegetables

Glycogen Formation

Carbohydrates exist as simple carbohydrates, known as sugars or monosaccharides, or complex carbohydrates, known as polysaccharides. When the body digests complex carbohydrates, it breaks those compounds down into a sugar known as glucose, which the body metabolizes for energy. Any glucose in the bloodstream remaining after immediate needs for energy becomes the compound glycogen, a long chain of linked glucose molecules, which the body can later break down again for energy.

Carbohydrate metabolism

Carbohydrate metabolism

Glycogen Storage

The liver and skeletal muscle in the body mainly store glycogen. Glycogen accounts for approximately 10 percent of the weight of the liver, while it represents two percent of the weight of muscles. Since the total mass of muscle in the body is greater than the total mass of the liver, muscle stores most of the glycogen.


Glycogen Use

When the body can’t meet its energy needs with the amount of glucose circulating in the body, it uses glycogen. Under these conditions, the body breaks the stored glycogen down in order to satisfy those needs. Glycogen stored in muscle tissue provides energy to that specific muscle; for instance, glycogen stored in the legs could provide energy for running. Glycogen stored in the liver regulates the amount of blood glucose as a whole, ensuring all bodily cells achieve their energy requirements.

Other Storage of Carbohydrates

If the body has met its immediate energy needs and all glycogen stores in the body are full, it converts any remaining glucose in the bloodstream to fat. Fat is a much less efficient fuel source than glycogen, because glycogen is readily available to muscles and is easily broken down into glucose. The body can break fat down and convert it back into glucose for energy, but only under conditions where glycogen isn’t available.

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