Dr oz full big ang for those who are interested in the gym – Quick tips in 2020

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[dr oz big ang full episode]Practitioners have full preparation of material and spiritual as well as specific training plans. The following article will organize a specific gym schedule so you don’t have to be surprised and have a specific orientation for your career.

A lot of people want to exercise to strengthen their muscles and appeal but still wonder what to do and how to practice each week to be effective. The following article will help you prepare knowledge for practice with specific gym schedule and tips before training.

Tips for you before practicing

Before going to the gym for newbies, check out these tips:

Begin to practice and grow slowly, not rushing to burn the stage, giving yourself plenty of time to warm up your body by warming up before practicing. Help your stamina improve, gradually increase your practice time. You can increase your level of exercise up to 30-60 minutes every day of the week.
Listen to your body, if you feel pain, trouble breathing, dizziness or nausea, stop exercising and resting.

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Principles for building a bodybuilding schedule

The principle to build a gym schedule must first understand the muscle groups, the distribution of the primary and secondary muscle groups to plan the exercise according to your goals. During practice, you should pay attention to practicing all muscle groups, not missing any muscle groups to make sure that the muscles are active and developed. Avoid continuous exercise on a muscle group, so you will have muscle damage and difficulty recovering. Muscle groups include:

Main muscle group


Chest, Back, Front, Thigh-butt, Shoulder.

Secondary muscle group

Shoulder-back arm, forearm-forearm, Forearm, Abdomen, Back arm.

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Muscle recovery time

Depending on the level of impact and muscle damage during the training session, the recovery time is long or short, generally, the recovery usually ranges from 48 to 72 hours for the main muscle, 24-48 hours for the accessory muscle. is after this time you can go back to the previous groupset. This problem of practicing for a while can feel muscles.



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