Exotic fruit tastes like pork, What is an exotic fruit?

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An exotic fruit that tastes like pork and gives off a putrid smell could save millions from starvation. Do you know, what is an exotic fruit? More about that in the article below.

The ‘miracle crop’, known as a jackfruit, is the biggest tree-borne fruit in the world and grows in south and southeast Asia. It is being hailed as a exotic fruit crop that could save millions from starvation. And the unique fruit inside of it is just the beginning of the jackfruit’s many wonders.

Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world — one fruit can weigh between 10 and 100 pounds and contain hundreds of seeds that are rich in protein, potassium, calcium, and iron — all of which are important for bodily growth. One fruit can be enough to feed a family for an entire meal.

Researchers suggest the crop could replace wheat and corn which are threatened by climate change.

Besides food, the jackfruit tree provides some of the following:

The leaves from jackfruit trees can be a source of food for goats and other farm animals.

The bark has an orange color, shown in the picture to the right, that was traditionally used as a dye for monk’s robes.

The trees produce a sticky latex substance that can be used as glue. Wood from the trees can be sold or used as timber.


As popular as jackfruit is in Bangladesh, it is avoided in India, where it is thought to have originated and where it could bring copious amounts of food to millions of people who are starving and malnourished. That’s why the jackfruit tree — which can grow up to 150 jackfruits over the two harvest seasons it typically has each year — is so important.

A single jackfruit can yield hundreds of the small, yellow, fruit lobes (or bulbs) — each of which contain a highly nutritious seed. The fruit itself is a good source of Vitamin C, while the seeds are rich in protein, potassium, calcium, and iron. About one-fifth of a pound of the fruit has approximately 95 calories.

A single fruit could feed your family for an entire meal, that’s partly due to its size, but also because of the many different ways that people have learned to prepare the jackfruit. It can either be eaten ripe, when it is soft, fruity, and delicious, or unripe, when it resembles a potato.

In Bangladesh and other parts of Southeast Asia, jackfruit is served in dozens of ways. Jackfruit curry, stir fry, juice, chips, ice cream, and even baking flour — made from drying and grinding the seeds or fruit — are just a few examples of jackfruit’s remarkable versatility in the kitchen.

However, jackfruit does not keep for more than a few weeks after harvest, so a good way to preserve it (if you’re not going to make a jackfruit feast like the one in the photo below) is to store it in cans or dry it out into chips.


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