Feng shui 2020 Chinese New Year you need to know for good life

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Feng shui 2020 Chinese New Year you need to know for good life. Chinese New Year in 2020 begins on Saturday, January 25 and ends on February 11, 2021. According to Chinese Horoscopes, Five metal mice arrive immediately after the year of the piggy bank (2019) and before the year of Metal Ox (2021)! It will be a new beginning year! New opportunities, love and money. 2020 will be successful !
Mice are the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac’s 12 animal cycle, and for this reason, this period is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals. Years of rats were: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 and 2032. Five metal mice will be a strong, prosperous and lucky year for all natives. People will show their determination regarding their goals, aspirations and even their interests. This is a great year for establishment and development.

People who plan to buy real estate, to start a business or invest money in a long-term project have a great chance to be satisfied in the future. But be careful! This type of initiative will only succeed if they are carefully planned. Chinese New Year is celebrated every year through lavish and colorful festivals. New Lunar New Year is the most important celebration, an occasion for reunion and party and a two-week winter break. A little summary of 2020 as follows: At the beginning of the year, the early days of February were extremely bright and full of motivation. We received a gift a new year, clean, no mistakes and no regrets.

The five mice will give us creative energy, an energy that can express by accomplishing many things you desire in life, you will be sure that everything is possible, that you are the creator. your own life and that yes, you have the power to become whoever you want to be. Take advantage of it, it is available every year and it can be the foundation for new habits and actions you want to start over a long time. Officially, the five Chinese mice began on January 25, and to have a great year, astrologers recommend putting on the Chinese New Year’s menu what the mouse likes to eat, meaning nuts and all kinds of cheese, and to wear in the party the most precious clothes and jewelry, because the mouse loves the luxury.
Metallic elements create water, which means productivity and performance for the metal industry. These include: automobile and machinery manufacturing, IT, high-tech industry, cosmetics and health.

Career Chinese horoscope 2020

Job The Year of the Rat in 2020 is under the sign of the Metal element, unlike the Year of the Pig, which lies under the Earth element. All actions started this year are motivated by success. You need to follow your goals with confidence and determination. You must be restless to accomplish your goals and never let yourself be frustrated by failure, problems or difficulties. Although some days you will be quite unreasonable, inflexible and stubborn, you need to be confident in your strength and solve all your problems on your own.


To love Chinese New Year 

After 2019, a year full of unpredictable situations in love, 2020 will be more peaceful. Therefore, your love life goes into a harmonious path, and communication helps maintain it. On the other hand, the second part of 2020 comes with distrust, for some reasons that may exist, some fictions, some arising from dishonesty.
Compatibility between the mouse and another zodiac: The native of the mouse will have a long-term relationship with the loyal Ox person, the adventure dragon and the intelligent monkey. However, they cannot stand the ever-changing horse.


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