feng shui 2020 for rat – Feng shui in 2020

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[feng shui 2020 for rat]2020 is good for the rat age people to work in the field of business related to The such as business, real estate investment, real estate …


People of the rat age work has a lot of pressure. Although being led by leaders, there is much tight competition. Therefore, you need to remember the rule of “enemies of enemies are friends”, active and flexible in social affairs.

At the same time, you should be close to many people who are public authorities, accept the law to be trusted when needed.

According to scientific horoscopes, the year 2020 benefits the people of the rat age in the field of business related to Earth such as business, real estate investment, real estate …

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People of rat age this year are hard to avoid bankruptcy or because of their siblings and friends, they are wasting money seriously.

This time needs ambitious moderation, moderate investment, not too reckless, do not let “greedy”. Spending more on scientific financial management, avoiding wastefulness and falling into the scene of borrowing here and there.

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In terms of affection, the people of the year are less happy and sad, more than sand.


The single has a charming personality, the opposite sex is quite prosperous, but the destiny tends to be cold, hesitant, indecisive so it is very easy to fall into the state of “very many days, no sleep.”

Most likely, during the year you will have the opportunity to formalize the relationship, launch your family on both sides. However, the next movement is complicated, the couple may have to temporarily separate from each other for a while, it is difficult to anticipate anything.

For married people, there is a sign of a third person interrupting family happiness. If you are not alert and have emotional control, it is difficult to avoid adultery.

During the year, the birth of destiny may be difficult in the early stages.

After they met the teacher, the medicine was good, but it would take a lot of time, money and effort.

difference between light brown sugar and dark brown sugar – Health tips in 2020


In 2020, the health of people of the year of the rat has many points to be worried about, especially at the time of seasons and extreme weather changes.

For older people, health is much worse than last year. We should pay attention to rest, rest more. At the same time maintain periodic medical examination to timely detect pathogens.

According to the year-old horoscope of the year 2020, the simplest way to quickly get out of this situation is to think openly, join collective activities, share with friends and relatives. At the same time, let go and let the mind be softer.

In addition, the age of mice should be cautious when coming to places with water such as sea, lake, pond … where there are many air sounds to limit unexpected accidents.




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