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[feng shui 2020 for snake]The love of the year of the Snake in 2020 clearly shows signs of disadvantage and problem. Ups and downs, much instability.

Overview of the horoscope year of the Snake in 2020

In the Year of the snake 2020, people of the year of the Snake have many events and ups and downs.

This situation makes fate think deadlocked, easy to make mistakes, may even be in danger of losing one.

This year signals that the year of the Snake will change and change at work. Can change the working environment, position, job title …

The financial aspect is also not very satisfactory, some revenue sources have been cut or limited.

Besides, people born in the year of the Snake have a lot of influence, they earn little money and spend a lot of money.

Love or health issues have certain problems.

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According to the horoscope 12 zodiacs, in the year 2020, the work of the year of the Snake is challenging and difficult. During the year, they have an assistant to appear and signal a year of many shifts and changes in work.

In the middle of the year, it was the time when the feeling of doing anything was structured, unfavorable, and small people besieged the four sides, the work was stagnant, pressure from superiors, competitors …

At this time, it is necessary to have a calm and alert attitude to handle everything. More importantly, wait patiently for the opportunity, avoid making a mistake.

In 2020, there will be a heavenly destiny, the social relationships of the year of the Snake will be confused and unstable. Accordingly, there is little support, easy to guilty of the powerful, having disadvantages when conducting work.

For managers, business owners, need to be careful about the use of personnel. The purpose is to prevent the person who takes advantage of the company’s reputation to do shady or destructive corporate image …

People working in the art field need to behave carefully lest it is easy to get caught up in non-graph, scandals … causing credibility, losing the opportunity to make money and get rich.

Salary workers should know their strength, work prudently, go into details to limit mistakes made. Big things need to be discussed with the whole team, decided alone will be too reckless.

At the same time, people born in the year of the Snake should not be hugged, avoid affecting work efficiency and promotion roadmap.


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A careful marriage will have a third person, hindering family happiness, bringing unpredictable disasters. Therefore, the husband and wife need to spend more time talking, sharing to understand and sympathize with each other more, avoiding conflicts arising.

The single person is predestined to be affluent, emotion is up and down, love comes and goes, affection is sometimes salty and cold, hard to come to an end.

In addition, fate is busy with work and money, so there is almost no time to think about love. You also take little care of appearance, attraction decreases.

To promote predestined relationships, single people do not forget to take care of themselves, from the outside to the inner soul. It is possible to “obtain poison and poison” by taking away the air of bad luck.

During the year, people born in the year of the Snake should attend many weddings and wedding stories to attract sand and strengthen their predestined relationships.

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In 2020, the year of the Snake is on the one hand surrounded by sperm, and health declines seriously.

Destiny is often sick when the weather changes the season, more serious than having an accident, having to touch cutlery, surgery.

Outside, there are environmental factors, inside, the mood is unstable, there are many stresses, etc. from which to be born.

During the year, the destinies have to move a lot and travel often, so they must pay great attention to traffic safety and life issues. You should drive safely, avoid unexpected accidents.

In the family, relatives have sad stories and funerals. You need to be prepared to not affect too much on your spiritual life. Once the spirit is downhill, health is also pulled.


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