Feng shui wallet colour 2020 do you know ?

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Feng shui wallet colour 2020 do you know? The wallet is not only an accessory but also an indispensable item for every person. According to feng shui conception, money wallet represents fortune. Therefore, choosing a wallet is not simple, especially how to attract more fortune for yourself? The way you choose the design, the color and the arrangement of what is in your wallet also determines what your fortune.

Here, I will help you get the secret of choosing a feng shui wallet, attracting fortune for yourself!

1, Wallet design – Feng shui wallet

First of all, in terms of style, depending on the preferences and needs of each person, we can choose many different styles: fold wallet, purse lock, wallet using buttons. Men often prefer square wallets, neat, women use long wallets, zips to be able to contain many items.

According to feng shui practitioners, it is often recommended to buy long wallets, large enough to be able to put all the bills and papers. For too small, lack of neatness will make the money in the wallet fold crumpled, so it is not good for your fortune.

2, Color the wallet – Feng shui wallet

Feng shui advised that you should choose wallets with easy-to-use colors such as black, brown, yellow, they are not only easy to look at but also contribute to financial stability. Specifically:

– Black wallet (Water element): Black is a popular color and many people choose it. This color represents wealth and prosperity. If you are looking to advance in your career or business development, you should choose a black wallet.

Blue wallet (Water element): Blue sea symbolizes that money will flow like water, so people who like to use this wallet color are hard to accumulate and rich. So this is a color that is not recommended when choosing to buy a purse.

– Red wallet (Fire element): Red represents Fire, so it is not a good color for the wallet because of the burning of wealth and luck.

– Brown wallet (Earth element): If you want to increase your savings or you have a habit of spending too much money, this color will help you know how to save more money. This is also the recommended color when choosing wallets.

– Pink purse (Fire element): This is the right color for girls. Along with that, it is suitable for women who are looking for their other half. Because pink is considered to promote luck in love. If you are looking for wealth, you should not choose this wallet.

– Green purse (Wood element): According to the feng shui house, you add green to the house to increase positive energy flow in your home. The green wallet will help create income opportunities, especially suitable for business people. It will be easy to welcome new business ideas and opportunities.


 Yellow wallet (Metal element): Light yellow usually attracts money. If you want to save money, choose dark yellow. If you want to increase money, you should choose a bright yellow.

3 Time to use the wallet:

According to feng shui opinion, the maximum time to use a wallet should only be 2-3 years. After this time, no matter how much you love it, replace it. The reason because according to the feng shui concept, the wallet represents the fortune, and at a certain stage will lose its usefulness. Some technical people even change their wallets after 3 – 6 months of use so that money storage places always have a beautiful new look.

4, Some notes when using wallets 

– Treat your wallet (Good fortune) as well as a friend. Do not leave your wallet in a poorly clean place. At the very least, put the wallet on the floor, in the toilet. Do not dirty your wallet, if your wallet is dirty, clean it immediately.

– Keep your wallet neat: Money in your wallet should be folded flat, whether old or new, they should be neatly arranged in order from big to small. If you put money in your wallet, it will make your fortune line tangle. A neatly arranged wallet is also more aesthetically pleasing and helps you get trust from others.

– Do not store debit cards, Invoices in your wallet: The habit of storing bills and debts in your wallet is a beneficial habit but extremely harmful according to feng shui. These papers are often considered to be a barrier to the owner of a purse that is difficult to manipulate, even easily falling into a constant debt.

Do not use the old wallet of another person: Please return a beautiful but old wallet according to the concept of “Old people, new ones” is a rather misconception in using the wallet. A good wallet should only use 2-3 years (as mentioned above). After that time it no longer attracted fortune, even the opposite effect. Not to mention that if the former owner of the wallet is not good, you take over the wallet also affected their bad luck.

– Do not put miscellaneous things into your wallet: Storing many things such as silver rings, card photos, keys, … in the wallet is only convenient for you, but not good according to feng shui. The “pinched” money sheets can cause financial deadlock. Not to mention if those things do not fit the wallet of the wallet user also makes you vulnerable to loss of talent. Just put it into your daily use wallet or some lucky money and charms you trust.

With the modern trend, today choosing a wallet to use is not a way to keep your fortune so to bring money-filled wallets in 2020 you just need to apply one of the tips Feng shui I share! I wish you money always full of wallet in 2020! 


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