Feng shui wallet tips to bring a lot of money, wealth

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[Feng Shui Wallet tips] One of the most notable areas in which the feng shui concept is applied is in the management of money and wealth in general. Based on the Feng Shui concept, there are some things that people need to do regarding their wallets to attract wealth. In this regard, the focus of Feng Shui is how people can manage their wallets to make sure that the wallet always has more money. In other words, Feng Shui provides instructions on how people can increase cash flow into their wallets. Here are 6 Feng shui wallet tips to bring a lot of money, wealth.

1. Neat- Feng shui wallet tips

Just like every house, wallets must always be kept neat and tidy, avoiding the evil atmosphere as per the concept of feng shui. Therefore, immediately eliminate the habit of storing unnecessary papers in your wallet, such as bills, junk paper, candy covers, etc.

One more thing is never to leave your wallet in a ‘cling-free state’ because it will have a very bad effect on your finances.

2. Store your wallet in the right place

If you want your money to flourish, the first thing you need to do is to cherish it and cherish it.

Place your wallet in a familiar position in your home, avoid throwing your wallet around or in inconvenient places.

In particular, you should not put your wallet on the floor, especially in the bathroom.

3. Choose colors according to age par

Each one is suitable for a different color, so you need to be careful in choosing the color for the wallet because otherwise, it can cause your fortune to be dispersed.

For example, if you’re destined for Water, choose black, blue; Martian destiny is red and pink; Destiny is brown; The yellow and final needles are tied to green.


4. Do not use another person’s wallet

Old wallets often carry energy from the previous owner, which can negatively affect your transport.

5. Bring the symbol of fortune

You can increase the ‘smoking money’ for your wallet by placing 3 antique coins with red bow ties – a symbol of luck and fortune – inside.

6. Avoid buying wallets with bizarre shapes

Although owning a strange and strange shape can help you confirm your personality, it is not encouraged in feng shui.

If you want to be rich, the best way is to choose a typeface wallet so that the coins inside are not wrinkled, deviated, so that the new transport is increased.

Feng shui wallet is one of the very important factors that you need to apply to bring a happy and lucky life. I Hope the following article you can apply for my wallet.


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