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[how did butterflies get their name]Butterflies and moths undergo a complete metamorphosis of four stages: eggs, larvae, pupae, and maturity. The growth cycle of butterflies is fast or slow depending on the ambient temperature, temperature, and food source.

What is the life cycle of butterflies?

To reach mature morphology, butterflies take about 30 days or more depending on external agents. The life cycle of butterflies starts from eggs.

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In spring, female butterflies mate with male butterflies during flights. By the time of laying eggs, female butterflies place their eggs on the plants (leaves or stems). Butterfly eggs stick very tightly to where they are placed, keeping them from falling to the ground.

Monarch butterflies often drop single eggs, disperse their eggs on many trees. Some other species put eggs together, eggs will clump together in the early stages of life.

The time of hatching depends on the species and environmental factors, usually from 3-8 days. Some species lay eggs in the winter, so they will hatch in the spring or summer of the next year.

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When the conditions in the egg meet the next stage, the larvae will break the shell and come out. In butterflies and moths, larvae are called caterpillars.

In most species, after the appearance of eggshells, their first meal is an eggshell. The eggshell contains many essential nutrients for caterpillars to grow, then caterpillars will eat host plants.

In the caterpillar form, they have to undergo many molting to achieve pupae form. Each time the molting takes place, the caterpillar becomes larger and leaves the remaining skin. The caterpillar may stop eating at the time of skinning. After skinning, it has reached the second stage of caterpillar morphology. Normally, it will eat the skin to replenish protein and nutrients.

In other species, the change in appearance is very impressive, and the caterpillar seems like a completely different kind. At this stage, caterpillars eat only, excreta, molt, eat, dispose, and molt – until the final stage to prepare pupae.

Once the caterpillar is ready to pupate, he wanders on the host tree to find a safe place to “send himself”. Once a suitable location is found, the caterpillar will create a thick, strong and healthy layer of skin, and make its final crust stain.


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The pupae stage is the time when the internal transformation occurs most strongly. Traditionally, this period has been called a rest period, but insects don’t rest at all, it’s true. Nymphs that do not eat during this time, cannot be moved, a gentle touch from their fingers may fall to the ground.

In the pupae stage, most of the caterpillar’s body is broken through a process called decomposition. The special groups of these modified cells have not been activated during the caterpillar stage, now they become “directors” for body reconstruction. These groups of cells, called histoblasts, initiate biochemical processes that convert structured caterpillars into a butterfly.

Once the capsule’s internal transformation is completed, the butterfly will be able to rest until the signal signals the right time to appear.

Changes in light or temperature, chemical signals, or even hormonal triggers can begin the emergence of adults from chrysalis or cocoons.

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The final stage of the butterfly’s life cycle is maturity.

Adult butterflies, also known as an imago, appear from the epidermis with a swollen belly and smudged wings. In the first few hours from the cover, the butterfly will pump blood into the vein in the wing to expand them. The remaining products after the transformation process, called meconium, will be released from the anus.

Once its wings are dried and fully expandable, adult butterflies begin to fly in search of a mate. Male females lay eggs laying eggs on appropriate host plants, the butterfly’s life cycle continues.


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