How long does it take to lose a stone : An easy-to-follow, effective diet plan

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Very low calorie intakes simply push the body into ‘starvation mode’ so that it becomes super efficient at making the most of the calories it actually gets from food and drink. So, how long does it take to lose a stone?

How long does it take to lose a stone? Yes, thеrе are many ways to lose а lot оf weight fast. But, if you wish for faster weight loss, read this paragraph. This will make you lose weight (with only three days of short fasting), than the extremely savage regime you appear to have. Yes, faster and also you will feel much better.

Swap your morning cereal for a protein-rich breakfast

Protein-rich foods fill us up and keep us satisfied for longer, so aim to include it in all our your meals during the month. Swapping your cereal or toast for a protein based breakfast will help keep you fuller for longer and help to prevent mid morning snacking. One study showed that a high protein breakfast promotes weight loss by regulating our ‘appetite’ hormones, making us want to eat less later in the day.

Swap your morning cereal for a protein-rich breakfast

Stuck for a recipes? Try our organic egg omelette with sliced peppers and spinach. Or whizz up a protein smoothie using a good quality protein powder, low sugar fruit like berries, a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of flax seeds and some almond milk.

Fill half of your dinner plate with vegetables

Carbohydrates are converted to sugar in the body and if these sugars aren’t used for energy, they’re likely to get stored as fat. Avoid foods like white rice, pasta, noodles and bread. Cauliflower rice and courgette spaghetti make great alternatives to your standard rice and pasta.

At dinner, instead make sure that at least half of your plate includes mostly green veg and other low-carb vegetable options, such as mushrooms or tomatoes.

Get one portion of good fats in all of your meals

You eat fat – contrary to what you’ve been told. “You might think that eating fat leads to gaining weight, but actually the opposite is true. Fat is not only essential for health, but numerous studies have shown that a diet lower in carbs but higher in healthy fats is the best – and quickest – way to lose weight.”

Get one portion of good fats in all of your meals

So the key point is healthy fats – so what sort of foods can we find this in?

Good fats can be found in oily fish, nuts such as walnuts and seeds like flaxseeds and chia seeds. Aim to include a moderate portion of healthy fats at each of your meals during the month


Only eat three times a day – and don’t snack!

Whilst this does depend on the individual, for the average person who isn’t following an intensive exercise programme, eating three meals per day, five hours apart is ideal. For example, you might have breakfast at 9am, lunch at 2pm and dinner at 7pm. It’s also always a good idea to avoid eating late in the evening.

Drink a pint of water before each meal

We at Woman & Home did some digging, and according to recent studies, gulping down a pint of plain old water could also help towards shifting a pound in one month. A study undertaken by the University of Birmingham monitored 12 adults over 12 weeks. Half of the group were asked to drink 500ml of water before each of their meals, and half weren’t. The six that drank water before their meals lost around 2.8 pounds more than those who didn’t, which lead to them on average losing around of 9.4 pounds each over the 12 weeks.

Limit yourself to just one treat meal a week

We all have to have a treat now and again – just not that often!

An order for a quick weight loss programme to be effective, it needs to be something you can stick to. Allow yourself one treat meal per week where you can eat whatever you fancy. Or, spread your treats over the week.

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