How long to wait to change earrings after piercing – Quick tips

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[how long to wait to change earrings after piercing]Ear piercing – one of the beauty trends of women from the past to the present. Currently, this trend is also loved by many men and used to create their own ways. However, not everyone learns all about things to pay attention to when they press their ears. Please refer to the following article that will help you read more about this issue.

Where should the ears be pressed?

Single-click or traditional press is one of the many click positions chosen by many. This type of press is popular in both women and men, from ordinary people to chic girls. In addition, instead of pressing a simple ear canal, many people also press 2 or 3 more, even 4 vertical holes on the ear cartilage.

Currently, locations such as the ear or inner earrings or the inner cartilage are enthusiastically promoted by young people. It not only creates personality but also creates a good taste when combined with personality earrings accessories or simply a small rivet. However, the punching on the ear cartilage is quite painful and usually takes a long time to heal, so you need to consider it in advance if you want to press in this position.

Another position that many young people love is the position on the top and bottom of the cartilage. This is a beautiful position that many young people love when they click their ears but require the performers to have high and precise techniques.

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Prepare psychological stability before clicking

It is inevitable that when clicking in this position is usually quite painful, you must be someone who really loves beauty and pain tolerance to try. Therefore, you should prepare mentally steadily before pressing the earrings, avoid excessive stress, as that will make you feel the pressure will be more painful than usual.

If you choose the positions such as the ear lobe or the non-cartilage parts, it will not feel too painful and it will usually start to heal 3 to 5 days and it will heal after 5-7 weeks. But for other parts of the cartilage areas, be prepared to cry out when you leave the shop.

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Choose the location of the ear piercing

Selecting a reputable ear location is one of the important considerations when clicking the ears because many people often have the subjective mentality that the click is not exempted from being beautiful. It was one of the extremely dangerous false thoughts.


Currently, there are many facilities for spontaneous earrings growing even street vendors can do without disinfection after each click. Therefore, considering finding an ear-piercing location is one of the first points of interest. In particular, you want to click at locations that are quite dangerous like the firmware. Ask carefully about reputable, licensed places and experience in earrings.

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How long will it take to heal?

This problem depends on the body of each person and the age of the ears and the location of your choice to click on your earrings and care.

For the ear lobes, it takes 3 – 5 weeks to complete but for other parts such as the ear cartilage, it takes longer than about 3-6 months. So, you need to consider carefully the location before clicking the ear.

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What should I pay attention to after hearing my ears?

To heal quickly after pressing the button, it is necessary to take good care of the hygiene after pressing the earrings. The cleaning is quite simple, you just need to do the following steps:

Clean the hands with soap before cleaning.
Use old oxygen or other wound cleaners.
After cleaning, it is necessary to soak the cotton sores with dry cotton.
Alternatively, you can use a diluted saltwater around the click.
After pressing, you should choose to wear stainless earrings and do not remove the earrings when the pressure is not swollen. In the process after pressing, it is necessary to abstain from some foods that are easy to cause injuries such as sticky rice, chicken, spinach … The time to abstain from these foods depends on the ability to heal wounds or not. of each person.

The above are things to pay attention to when ear piercing for those who want to beautify with fashionable accessories attached to their ears. Hopefully, with this information, readers can understand more about ear-piercing so that it is safe and beautiful. Good luck!


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