How many calories in a slice of toast?

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We go view calories and nutrition info per 1 Med Slice/33g of White Toast and see how many calories in a slice of toast and its nutrition information. Let’s go.

Do you know how many calories in a slice of toast? Bread options vary in caloric content. One pound of body fat equals 3,500 calories, while 1 pound of whole-wheat bread contains 1,296 calories, Melvin H. Williams writes in the book “Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport.” 

calories in a slice of toast

White Toast Calories and Nutrition per Serving (1 Serving=1 Med Slice/33g)

Calories 87
Protein 3.1
Carbohydrate 18.8
Fat 0.5
Fibre 0.6
Alcohol 0

Wheat Toast

One regular slice of wheat toast is approximately 24 grams while a large piece of toast is 38 grams, Williams calculates. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s My-Food-A-Pedia website, a regular slice of wheat toast contains 65 calories and a large slice packs 78.

Wheat Toast

White Toast

White toast contains 69 calories per regular slice and 80 calories per large slice, My-Food-A-Pedia reports. Jelly adds 51 calories per tablespoon.

Rye Toast


One regular slice of rye contains 64 calories, My-Food-A-Pedia calculates, while a large slice contains 83 calories. Butter adds 36 calories per teaspoon.

Sourdough Toast

Sourdough toast contains 69 calories in a regular slice and 96 calories in a large slice, according to My-Food-A-Pedia. Low-fat cream cheese adds 35 calories per tablespoon.

Raisin Toast

Raisin toast packs 86 calories in a 29-gram slice, according to Williams. Tub margarine adds 34 calories per teaspoon, My-Food-A-Pedia adds.

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