How many kids will i have quiz and what their genders will be?

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Starting a family is almost every girl dream especially when you know you have good genes. Wondering how many kids will i have quiz and what their genders will be? Worry no more as the quiz below will give you a glimpse of what the future holds when it comes to your offsprings.

How many kids will i have quiz? Maybe you dream of having one girl you can spoil, or perhaps you’d love to have a house full of rowdy boys. This fun quiz will quickly predict how many kids you will have!

This fun quiz will quickly predict how many kids you will have

1. What’s your ideal weekend?

A : Meeting friends for dinner and drinks.

B :  Spending time at home on DIY projects.

C : Going to the movies to see the latest films.

D : Baking new recipes.

2. What would be your perfect holiday?

A : Time relaxing on the beach.

B : Going away with friends to party.

C : Retreat at a luxury spa.

D : A weekend seeing sports teams.

3. What do you do with your free time?

A : Reading.

B : Be creative.

C : Meeting friends for coffee.

D : Gym time!

4. How would you describe your personality?

A : Loud and chatty.

B : Quiet and reserved.

C : Relaxed and friendly.

D : All of the above.

5. What’s your favorite food to cook?

A : Something hot and spicy.

B : Exotic food!

C : Traditional meat and vegetables.

D : Anything quick and easy.


6. Which car suits you best?

A : A fast and sporty Porche.

B : A solid station wagon.

C : Definitely a Jeep.

D : A practical mini-van.

7. What type of home would you like to live in?

A : Ranch with acres of space.

B : A downtown apartment.

C : A family home in the suburbs.

D : A quaint terraced home.

8. What do you typically spend your money on?

A : Things for the house.

B : Socializing with friends.

C : The latest fashion.

D : I spend my money on others.

9. What’s most important to you?

A : Furthering your career.

B : Earning enough money to support your lifestyle.

C : Spending time at home.

D : Leading a busy and full life.

10. How organised are you?

A : Very! A place for everything and everything in its place.

B : Somewhat. But things tend to get a little messy.

C : It’s an organised chaos.


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