How to clean your vitamix dishwasher fastest?

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Make a habit of regularly cleaning it the right way so that nasty stains won’t ever appear. This guide into cleaning a vitamix dishwasher container will hopefully help you in making it look like brand new again.

Vitamix dishwasher can turn cloudy over time from mineral build up. The minerals come from your water supply (in hard water areas) and from your fruits and veggies. Greens used in Green Smoothies are especially filled with minerals that are wonderful in your body, but not so wonderful in multiple, micro-thin layers on the insides of your container!

If you only clean your container the way you see demonstrators doing it in their shows (spin on High with a little bit of soapy water then rinse and then allow it to drip-dry), over time, you will end up with a cloudy container .

How To Regularly Clean Your Vitamix dishwasher

If you are lucky, you found this article before you got a Vitamix, right after you got one, or while your container is still bright, clear, and shiny. 

To prevent the minerals from building up on your container use one or both of the following methods:

1)  Clean with a bottle brush and drip dry.  Or…

2)  Clean with the spin-with-water-and-soap-on-high method that Vitamix teaches, then hand dry with split fiber microfiber cloths.

Both methods involve physical contact with the inside of the container which helps to knock the minerals off of the sides, and prevents them from building up over time. Either method will work by itself to keep the minerals from sticking to the sides of your container (but if you are OCD like me, you will do both).


How To Get Rid of That Mist in Your Vitamix Dishwasher

Follow these step to deep clean your Vitamix container and remove any mist residue:

  1. Put 1 large cup of baking soda in the container
  2. Add 1 small cup of white vinegar
  3. Mix it up by gently shaking the container
  4. Add a few cups of warm water
  5. Run your Vitamix blender for 1 minute on high-speed
  6. Rinse the container thoroughly
  7. Use a microfiber towel or damp cloth to wipe the container dry

How To Remove Turmeric Stains

Turmeric is a very healthy ingredient, but many people are shocked when it turns their Vitamix Container a pretty shade of yellow or green. This is an easy fix. Place your turmeric stained container out in sunlight, and the UV rays will bleach it clean again!

Do not put your Vitamix container in the fridge. The temperature fluctuations cause shrinkage and expansion that is not good for the different material (plastic, rubber, and metal) parts of a Vitamix container.


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