How To Lose Weight With Wheat Bits And Milk | Health Tips

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Wheat bits and milk. Wheat is one of the seven primitive bowls of cereal mentioned in the “Bible,” with a history of more than 9000 years, all European countries have. Wheat is the main ingredient for making German beer and Italian pizza.

Use to reduce fat

According to statistics on thousands of customers in the US, most of them have allergic reactions to wheat, one of the reasons is that wheat is now mainly used for baking, frying, giving more bran should be added.

This change in wheat production has made Americans begin to look for alternative cereals. One of them is Spaghety wheat. That’s the world-famous wheat. This wheat is coated with a hard, thick outer shell to protect the inner seed from being contaminated with pesticides while preventing the loss of nutrients.

Wheat Spaghetti lose weight

  • Unlike normal wheat, Spaghety wheat retains many characteristics of traditional wheat, rich nutrition, and hard-flavored wheat. This wheat contains celluloses, compared to normal wheat, it contains a lot of protein, B group vitamins and complex carbohydrates (equivalents) that provide more energy.
  • Spaghetti wheat is the only cereal containing sticky polysaccharide, which can enhance the body’s immunity. This wheat contains nicotine and riboflavin acid, so eating regularly can reduce the incidence of heart disease by 25%, 30% of a cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Cellulose can lower cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels and insulin. In this type of wheat contains zinc, zinc is an antioxidant, can cleanse the body, control blood sugar. In short, although wheat also contains some cooking bran, it is still the ideal cereal.

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Small common sense

The total amount of protein in wheat Spaghety is 10-25% higher than that of normal wheat. The process of removing the hard outer shell of Spaghety wheat costs very high, so Spaghety wheat is more expensive to sell than normal wheat. Due to the high solubility of Spaghety wheat, its nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. Eating two slices of Spaghety bread can provide 20% of the total cellulose needed for the body every day. Dosage: 1-2 slices of bread every day.

Small secret


Spaghetti must be sealed in a plastic bag or glass jar, in a cool, dry place, avoiding exposure to sunlight, air, and water. Find Spaghetti noodle products in stores and supermarkets such as flour, bread, pastry. It can be stored in the refrigerator when needed to use. You can buy flour, but be sure to put it in a sealed bottle, so that the flour is dehumidified and not bought. Spaghetti wheat is a whole-grain, split-shelled grain.


To ensure health, use Spaghety flour to prepare cakes. Using Spaghetti noodles to make baked goods, these foods will be slightly sweet and have a mild, hard fruit flavor. Cooked wheat flour to eat instead of rice or potatoes. Wheat flour is made into slices of tomatoes in tomato soup, or in a pot of noodles for extra olive oil, finely chopped herbs and garlic to make cereal dishes, eat at hot times.


If you are a person who is very uncomfortable with rice husk or is diagnosed with intestinal disease, you may not eat Spaghetti noodles.


Eating noodles Spaghety can reduce fat. Wheat Spaghetti is the best cereal, regular eating is good for health, refreshing spirit, beautiful smooth skin hair.

Also when combining wheat with non-sugar milk is a drink that can make you lose weight in very good and unbelievably high efficiency.


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