How to make roasted seaweed snack easy

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In Japan, nori seaweed used to be the generic term for all seaweeds. It now represents the edible seaweed species of Porphyra (red algae, cold water seaweed),The roasted seaweed product is made by shredding, drying and roasting the nori seaweed, similar to the process of making paper. The end-product is a thin (like paper), black or green sheet of around 18 by 20 cm.

Today I would like to introduce the whole family of dried roasted seaweed, which is easy to make, can be vegetarian or eat like a snack, very nutritious for health, reduce stress, stop smoking. . . (instead of eating very toxic snack)
Dried seaweed (100g) Pure
salt (3/4 teaspoon)
Cooking oil (0.5 cup)
Can be added (vegetarian seasoning salt, vegetarian shrimp salt, paprika). .) For a better taste
Many of you will ask why not burn garlic or add more sesame … In my opinion, it will lose the fat of seaweed and will eat faster, and will be bad oil if left for long.

About seaweed, I can find it easily in safer or safer grocery stores, I go to vegetarian food stores, yes, please remember to say that people get no sand (about 50k / 100g)
Steps to do:
1. Large pieces of seaweed should be thin, small, and eaten with a big pan.

2. Just mix the oil and grout to eat each spoonful of seaweed, the recipe I made is 100g, about 0.5 cups to eat the cooking oil is moderate. (Note: do not give too much oil to eat and will not be long well, it’s not good for your health either)

3. Just mix your hands and salt well, about 3/4 teaspoons of salt (you can add vegetarian seasonings at least _ pay attention to salt and salt to grind it)

4 Mix well and allow to absorb for 15-20 minutes or overnight.


5. Roasted with small fire until crispy and fragrant, I can hear crispy crispy seaweed. (until near the end of this stage, I often add ground chilli + chilli salt (vegetarian salt) to grind it in. Depending on how much you like to eat spicy, salty will taste more.

Nori seaweed is actually classified as a vegetable, a sea vegetable that is. Some of us may never have tasted seaweed before but the Japanese have been eating this super food for many centuries now. They appreciate nori as being a food of longevity.

The health benefits of roasted seaweed are actually quite surprising. So if you’ve never eaten nori before, I hope this article has inspired you to try it or any of the other seaweed snacks. and next article, I will show you some good exotic fruits. good luck for all !


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