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[how to reheat lasagna in the oven]Lasagna is a famous dish in Italy, with the sweetness of minced meat, the aroma of vegetables when grilled in combination with the fat-coated sauce from cheese and fresh milk. This will be a good suggestion if you want to have an energetic meal or want to make something easy to make for your family.

Raw materials for making lasagna

Raw materials for making lasagna
1 box of lasagna noodles
100grams of ground beef, 100grams of ground pork
100grams of smoked pork
1 onion, 1 carrot, 2 tomatoes

The raw material for making the bechamel sauce

1 bag of 250ml of fresh milk without sugar
40grams of unsalted butter
20grams of flour, oregano, fannel 

A little cheese

A few dry parsley leaves

How to make Italian Lasagna

Before embarking on processing, remember to clean vegetables and tubers and soak them for softening first.

The stages will be divided into 3 parts: making tomato sauce minced meat, making a bechamel sauce and baking lasagna. It sounds complicated but every step is not too difficult to implement, and embark on “handle” each stage first!

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Make tomato sauce with minced meat

Step 1: Carrot, onion, diced bacon pork

Heat the oil pan and pour all the carrots, onions and sauté first, then pour in the bacon and stir-fry.
About 3 minutes later, you continue to add ground pork and ground beef to the island.

Note that the beef should be put in the end and only a little should be added until it is finished, avoiding pouring all the ingredients into the pan at the same time which will make it difficult to stir and the meat is difficult to ripen evenly.


Step 2: Observe that the meat is cooked evenly and the carrots and onions are also soft, put tomato sauce on the island until the sauce matches again, turn off the stove.

If you want your sauce to be smoother and when you eat better, you can add a few dry parsley leaves and oregano leaves. When giving these two leaves, the island quickly and continuously helps the aroma and aroma get faster and the color is also more beautiful.

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Make bechamel sauce

Step 1: Melt the butter in a hot pot (or deep frying pan). When the butter has melted, add it to a smooth and smooth mixture. This mixture in Western cuisine is called roux.

Step 2: When the roux has reached the desired smoothness, continue slowly pouring fresh milk without sugar, stirring gently. A slightly bubbly mixture, add a pinch of salt and if possible with white pepper.

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Bake lasagna

This stage is quite a time consuming and requires a bit of skill. First of all, you should prepare a square or circle cake big enough to bake. Don’t forget to soak lasagna in hot water for another 20 minutes.

Step 1: After soaking lasagna noodles, you soak the noodles dry by gently pressing each leaf into a dry towel. Note the drier the better, because the wet noodles are not as good as expected.

Step 2: Put each of the noodles down on the cake mold so that it covers the bottom of the mold, then use a spoonful of tomato sauce to cover the leaves of the noodles, then the bechamel sauce layer and finally apply some cheese to the top.
If you feel that each layer is too thick, you can group it into 6 layers: cassava – tomato sauce – bechamel sauce – cassava leaves – tomato sauce – bechamel sauce and still sprinkle cheese on top.

Step 3: Put the cake mold in the oven, bake at 200 degrees C for about 30 minutes.

When ripe lasagna will be yellow in color, the layer of cassava leaves, the sauce will look very beautiful. Perhaps you will be a little surprised to learn that lasagna is actually a pasta, but it is made using a baking method.

Biting a piece will immediately see the fragrant, fatty taste of noodles, butter, fresh milk, cheese blended together. Compared to many other dishes that we often cook, making lasagna can be a bit more time-consuming, but the delicious and unforgettable taste is worth it for us to try. Moreover, you can also do a lot of work and store it in the refrigerator for a few days, when you eat it, just put it in the oven to heat it up and you have a hot and attractive dish.


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