If you ate a hundred mints, What would happen to the tomach?

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Probably not much, then. Eating 100 candies would be a lot of sugar, about 360 grams, which would probably give you a stomach ache. I wouldn’t expect any negative effects on the stomach itself, though. There’s just not enough peppermint oil in these candies.

If you eat 100 peppermint breath mints, you might get some nasty diarrhea, depending on the brand. That’s because many are made with sugar alcohols, which aren’t meant to be taken in high doses.

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If you are eating a breath mint made with real sugar and a relatively high amount of peppermint oil, like Altoids, you might be closer to causing yourself harm. One hundred Altoids would be about a tin and a half, which would be a lot. You might end up with some blistering or ulcers in your mouth from that much peppermint. You could maybe also have stomach lining problems if you are particularly sensitive, but I doubt it would cause problems for most people.


It is possible, and very dangerous, to overdose on peppermint oil. Abdominal pain is a potential symptom, along with things like breathing problems or convulsions. Infants and young children can also have serious breathing issues or even die from inhaling the menthol in peppermint oil. Seriously, don’t ever put peppermint essential oil on babies or little kidsor use it in a diffuser with them nearby. However, you really do need to be using the straight oil to get to dangerous levels in almost all cases. Commercial mints generally don’t have enough.

But still don’t eat 100 mints. That would be so, so much mint


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