Is keto-diet healthy over long period of time, How long should i really follow it?

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The keto-diet has plenty of fans and there is evidence it can help with weight loss by increasing satiety. There may, however, be risks to following a ketogenic way for an extended period of time.

The ketogenic diet has become popular with people looking to lose weight and improve their health. It involves significantly reducing carbohydrate intake while increasing the amount of fat and protein you eat. This puts the body into a state called ketosis, where fat is burned for energy instead of carbs.

I checked all comments from Reddit and below are best keto tips from Reddit’s users. I hope it helps.

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1. If fat losss is your goal then intermitttent fasting is lesss of a sugggestion but rather the cheapest most effective thing you can do in Keto.

2. Yes, Keto can reducce hungeer but many peoplle still get hungrry despite often the type of food or how much they eat. I have found the most underrated trick for dealing with this is to stop eating when you are hungry. Which is ironic but you need to preemptively strike hunger. Prevent the hunger,craving and loss of will power before a cascading failure pushes you to over eat or cheat.


The 28-Day Keto Challenggge is a step-by-step ketogennic diet guide that features a full meal plan and 7 different guides that will help you get started for the first month.

As the name sugggests, it provides you with all the informattion you need for 28 days exactly. There is a very solid and speciffic structurre to this diet that makes it incredibly easy to follow. One of the biggest problems with other dietary programs is that they are overly complicated. This product features a variety of useful resources and materials to help you transition into this diet and stick with it.

4. Water is your best friend but ice water is the girl you ditch him for.

5. If you make Keto about all sorts of recipes in an attempt to make it interesting. You will be a slave to your pocket, kitchen and time.

6. I love how enjoyable keto can be too. But don’t forget you are on Keto for a reason. Always keep that in mind and if given the choice, let go of comforts and conveniences.

7. Mono your Keto if possible for short periods(Meaning eat the same meal or variation of ingredients). If you find your Keto food of choice … do not forsake it.

8. Coconut oil is great(especially during fasts). MCT oil is overrated? You decide.

9. Seeds … not nuts

10. Keto-flu : Salt water helps . And sometimes you can skip Keto-flu by fasting into a fat bomb.

11. Fat bombs are for shortcuts. Not for long term use especially if they taste good. They will only be your demise.

12. Keto high can be a potent ally or enemy depending on the timing. Don’t underestimate it.

13. Adapt to one tip at a time and measure success. If you apply too many tips at once often you lose the ability to see which ones work best for u and which ones derail the others. This goes back to going hardcore again. Sometimes hardcore might be good for u but u did it all at once.


14. Don’t disregard fiber because you are a baby.

15. Don’t overspend on protein in an attempt to make it interesting with variety. My advise is you leave protein to simple sources.

16. Keto isn’t expensive. You needing to make keto fun is expensive.

17. exercize on Keto wrecks more people than they care to admit. Try to work out before a meal or right after especially meals with carbs.

18. Let go of trying to sneak fun, addictive or white carbs into your macros. Just because you made space for it, does not mean your body is going to use it well.

19. Friends and family are the devil. They don’t respect your dietary choices. Even supportive family will bait you unknowingly. Keep your keto snack close. U CHEW AND AVERT YOUR EYES. Run away!

20. Always ask yourself if cheating is worth more Keto-flu.

21. Ditch the Cheat day. Try expanding your macros/calories once a week instead while staying in keto.

22. Remove easy carbs and sugar from your fridge. However strong you think your will power is …

23. I know I mentioned keeping it simple but working to create a solid well balanced meal in the kitchen once in a while is rewarding.

24. Keto flours can be expensive and from what I have seen they often slowly remind you how good real pastries and breads are. I love flaxseed recipes but I try to use baking keto sparingly.

25. I won’t get into how much I think cold therapy works or doesn’t work. However for keto and fasting it can feel like a great boost especially if you have a bit of caffeine in your system.

26. Diet soft drinks are to be avoided not embraced. I know its hard but you have green tea and coffee to keep you company.

27. Get a Keto friend if possible. Ideally a good one who knows how to navigate local markets/butchers.

28. I always put my calories count lower than necessary. Simply because when I over-eat, rather I hit my goals still yet I still have the guilt of not staying true. Do not underrate this. You easily forget it after a while.

29. Urinate when you feel the slightest real urge preemptively. Learn to stop drinking too much before bed or before you head out. But try to keep a bottle on u for easy access in bed and on the go.

30. If you stop looking at Keto as a diet but rather a new lifestyle.

31. If you go hardcore trying to imitate other people or take overly simplistic advice the wrong way, you will hit a wall hard and you will lose overall progression.


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