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[Keep these things in your Wallet it makes you rich very fast immediate]The wallet is a very intimate and close-up item for each person. The wallet is small but it has a tremendous impact on finance, so when choosing and using the wallet, you need to note the points below.

Put lucky objects in your wallet

You thread 3 antique coins into a red string and place it next to the money in your wallet. This is a way to attract luck with money.

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Always keep your wallet organized

You need to remember to always keep your wallet clean and tidy. With unnecessary paperwork, remove it from your wallet immediately. Because according to feng shui, when you clean up an area or something means eliminating negative energy. From there will expand the area for new energy to flow.

To avoid accumulating bad energy in your wallet, remember:

 Eliminate all types of bills, credit card bills or anything related to debit, spending money.

 Do not leave your wallet in an empty state. Always keep your wallet in a state of money because it symbolizes wealth.

 Do not let your membership card expire or anything that is no longer valid for use in your wallet.

 Just leave important essentials in your wallet.


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Keep your wallet in a clean place

Take a special place in your home for your wallet. Every time you go home, put it in that position. If you treat your wallet well, you can get the same “response” to your owner. Once you learn how to appreciate your wallet, it will tend to attract more money to you.

Avoid throwing your wallet on the dining table or any convenient place. Besides, do not place your wallet on the floor, especially the toilet floor.

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Choose feng shui color examples

Each color represents a different element and meaning. When choosing a purse, you also need to choose the color with the feng shui to “money always come to you”.


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