Learn about Horizontal and Standard leather Wallets

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Currently, there is a problem with the gentleman when deciding to choose for themselves a leather wallet so that it is luxurious, convenient as well as suitable to the needs of users. It is advisable to choose a vertical or horizontal wallet.

What is a Vertical wallet, horizontal wallet?

For example, the wallet is a type of wallet whose size is larger than the width, most of the size is:

Length from 10.5 to 13 cm
Width from 9 to 10.5 cm
Often you will see the type of wallet has a height of 12cm height, almost the average height in the type of wallet, a style as shown below will have the size: Length: 11, 5cm, Width: 9cm, High: 3cm

Horizontal Wallet

Is the second most popular type of male wallet after standing and standing, it is used more than swimming in the habit of containing money instead of containing identity papers

The average size of the wallet is quite modest, as follows.

Width from 8.5 to 10.5 cm
10 to 12.5 cm long


Differences between vertical and horizontal wallets

when you put 2 wallets on the same plane. You will notice a very clear difference between the two types of wallet mentioned here: the back of the wallet is larger than the horizontal wallet.

With such a design, the opening of the wallet also has a difference between the two designs. In the wallet, the opening of the wallet will be narrower, the money in the wallet will be deeper because the width of the wallet is smaller than the height of the wallet but the length of the wallet fits well with the bill. As for the horizontal wallet, the opening of the wallet will be wider, the width of the bill will be equivalent to the height of the wallet to ensure that when putting money inside the purse, the money will not be left out or deep as in the wallet. You wonder, if two wallets have such differences, the size when folding the wallet is different or not? An interesting thing is that, when folding the wallet, their area is quite similar. But another question arises, why did MrFour produce two such styles for what? Because the eyebrows used to keep their wallets in their pockets, they only care about the size when folding the wallet, can they fit into their pockets, do they move freely or not?

Tips to help you choose a suitable wallet

Whether it is a male leather wallet or a female leather wallet, when choosing a purse you need to understand your needs and the size of your wallet instead of looking at the image. Photos taken on the internet are mostly edited, so when you order and transfer money, you will be surprised when you receive the goods because it is “not dreaming” as you think. Remember to always consider your needs when choosing a suitable wallet for you. if you want looking for more information, you can go to Feng Shui Wallet.
You have a lot of ID papers, choose one with a multi-compartment stand.

On the other hand, there are two such styles because each of us has different personalities. The wallet is an item to store important assets and papers when they go to the road, so choosing a wallet will show the character of the person clearly. Often, men who are careful and discreet they often choose to buy wallets because all the money papers are kept in a more discreet manner, and they do not want the opposite person to accidentally see the What is in their wallet. As for horizontal wallets that are suitable for open, sociable people, they are not afraid of how much money others can see in their wallets.


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